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DaemonsFor I Am King is a female fronted Dutch metal band from Amsterdam. The band was founded in 2013 and released an EP called “Revengeance” in 2014. After this release they have played numerous shows across Europe, including appearances at the Dutch Jera On Air and German Wacken Open Air. Between tours and concerts all over the continent, FOR I AM KING recently released two singles ‘This Is A Warning’ and ‘We All Have Demons’ through Redfield Digital.

The band’s message is simple: just metal, based on friendship, work ethic and passion. ‘Daemons’ has been released on June 17th through Redfield Records.

First something about the lyrics of ‘Daemons’, in their own words: “they take you through a world of tales and myths”. What music is better to tell these tales than metal?

First song ‘Black Death’ begins with a beautiful serene piano, but is quickly being picked up by a smashing guitar riff and blast beats. A nice up-tempo song with harmonics in the guitars. There is a sound in this song that reminds me a bit of Extol in the Synergy era. ‘Breathe The Fire’ has a more metalcore sound but this song also leans more towards metal. Now that I think of it, it is hardly impossible to give a song by song description because I would say the same thing over and over again. For I Am King is not your average metalcore-band. You simply can’t put them in a box. There are the obvious metalcore/hardcore elements but there is so much more to explore than that. I hear classic metal elements interspersed with metalcore/hardcore. But as I mentioned before, we also hear blastbeats which are seldom heard in metalcore. And the twin-solo’s are abundant. Alma’s vocals (or should I say screams) are typical for metalcore. What is it with women in metalcore? They tend to have a better scream than many male counterparts. This also counts for Alma. High pitched but also dark heavy screams. An example of the classic metal elements is found at the beginning of the song ‘The Crone’ for example. Many songs are alternated with small acoustic parts which are picked up again very soon by heavy guitars.

The song ‘Tantalus’ has a bit Djent-like intro, and the double bass at the end of the song kicks you in the stomach. Just an example to show that you are surprised over and over again. Song number six is called ‘Interlude’ and it is just that. A short musical interlude.

‘Hades’ has to be mentioned, it is one of my personal highlights. An up-tempo song with a lot of tempo-changes and yes I am going to say it again: a lot of classic metal elements that should also address to the somewhat older listener. Did I mention Manowar? I hear some similarities. And boy, the solo’s in ‘Des-Troy’ show the true craftsmanship of the guitarplayers, very impressive. Bombastic and epic are words that come to mind when I have to give a short description of this album.

I am trying to find points to mention where they can improve, but I just can’t find them. Last song ‘We Must Obey’ is again full of masterly guitarsolo’s which at the end give me goosebumps in a positive way.

Conclusion: For I Am King have made a true masterpiece that is not limited only to the metalcore listener but is suitable for a large wide metal-audience. Even the powermetal lovers should check this out, if only it is for the brilliant guitarwork.

Rating: 9/10

Written by: René Woning

1. Black Death
2. Breathe The Fire
3. Lost In Divinity
4. The Crone
5. Tantalus
6. Interlude
7. Hades
8. Des-Troy
9. Faust
10. We Must Obey

Band members:
Alma – Vocals
Wouter – Guitar
Jurgen – Guitar
Jasper – Bass
Jaap – Drums

“Revengeance” EP (2014)
“Daemons” (2016)

Record label: Redfield records, June 2016

Weblinks: Facebook / SpotifyTwitter / Instagram / iTunes

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for ‘Breathe The Fire’

Video for ‘Hades’

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