‘Flyleaf’ ‘New Horizons’ Album Cover Revealed


Rock quintet Flyleaf will release its third studio album, New Horizons, October 30 via A&M/Octone. The CD’s cover artwork was designed by Flyleaf bassist Pat Seals, who also created a fold-out poster as part of the packaging. Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below.

“Making the art for New Horizons has been a very rewarding experience,” Seals told Revolver magazine. “Putting the woodcut imagery together for the cover as well as the supplemental material has been a rare opportunity for me to interpret our music into a group of images that provide a sort of allegory which the listener can impose his or her own meanings upon, as many of us do whenever we view certain images.

“Over the past couple of years spent trying to learn what I could from other artists, I have come to feel that too much explanation of one’s work often hinders the experience for the viewer. At the risk of this occurrence, it appears to be necessary for me to explain the meaning of a particular portion of the cover, that being the eye appearing in the center. I decided to use this eye to express the opening of refreshed vision and rebirth of the soul, which I feel running throughout the songs on this record.

“I had always found the single disembodied eye compelling and deemed it adequate as a symbol to express the vision of renewed consciousness acquired in spiritual rebirth. Though it may resemble the fabled and ubiquitous ‘All Seeing Eye’ found on the dollar bill, the eye on ‘New Horizons’ holds similarity to it only in very general design and does not serve the same purpose or house whichever meanings may have imposed upon it by various groups over the centuries. My eye, at the crest of a feather, is intended to be a sort of reflection of your own eye, as you look at it. I mean it to mirror the persons looking at the art, and the next horizon that they may be presently witnessing their own lives or selves.

“There are many eyes strewn throughout the rest of the album design, all intended to represent reborn vital consciousness and the renewed awareness of God’s presence in each new horizon in our lives, should we choose to see it.”

Track listing:
01. Fire Fire
02. New Horizons
03. Call You Out
04. Cage On The Ground
05. Great Love
06. Bury Your Heart
07. Freedom
08. Saving Grace
09. Stand
10. Green Heart
11. Broken Wings

Band members:
Lacey – vocals
Sameer Bhattacharya – guitar
Jared Hartmann – guitar
Pat Seals – bass
James Culpepper – drums

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