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creation/destructionFit For A King is a metalcore band from Texas that formed in 2007. They have followed the usual route of releasing a couple of EP’s and the independent album ‘Descendants’ (2011), along with building a loyal fan base, but were holding out for a specific label to sign them.

“Words cannot even express how excited we are to join the Solid State family,” vocalist Ryan Kirby says. “We grew up listening to Solid State bands and for us to actually be on this label is the best feeling we’ve had as a band. We’d been waiting and holding off on labels for so long until we felt we had the right one, and we absolutely do. Long-time fans can expect a more energetic, hard hitting album with the same passionate lyrics that we like to bring to the table. And what some fans may not expect is just how heavy and dark this album gets lyrically and musically.” It was recorded with Andreas Magnusson (Oh, Sleeper, Haste The Day, Black Dahlia Murder).

After the intro, ‘Warpath’ has harsh growls and crushing riffs, followed by clean-sung choruses. “They say their words / But nothing breaks the surface / (Yet you say you believe) / We lay our heads down / For something empty / (We must be the enemy)”. They follow on in a similar vein for ‘Hollow King’ which contains flashes of technical riffing. Whilst ‘Broken Frame’ is about the fickle and elusive nature of fame. The more you pursue it, the more it engulfs your whole life, and then suddenly it is gone.

There is a clean, haunting track in the contemplative ‘Skin & Bones’. The lyrical content will stay with you long after the song has ended. “I know that one of these days / I’ll finally see you face to face at the golden gates / Will you take me or will I fade into the grave? / I know these words won’t hold any weight / But please don’t turn away / Don’t turn away from me”. The mood overlaps into ‘The Resistance’ as they break through. “Every word you say / Is wasted on every breath you take / So forgive me / I’m not a part of you / You’ve taken everything / I won’t be the one that stands in the darkness”.

The songs seem to repeat the same formula of chugging guitars, clean choruses and breakdowns. It is a solid debut album that isn’t inventive, but showcases a band on the verge of maturity.

Rating: 7/10

1. Creation
2. Warpath
3. Hollow King (The Sound of the End)
4. Broken Frame
5. Bitter End
6. Skin & Bones
7. The Resistance
8. Identity
9. The Lioness
10. Eyes to See
11. Destruction

Band members:
Ryan Kirby – Vocals
Justin Hamra – Guitar
Bobby Lynge – Guitar
Jared Easterling – Drums/Vocals
Aaron Kadura – Bass/Vocals

1.Fit For A King EP, 2008 (independent)
2.Awaken The Vesper EP, 2009 (independent)
3.Descendants, 2011 (independent)
4.Creation | Destruction, 2013 (Solid State)

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Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Video below for “Hollow King” (The Sound of the End)

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