Finnish Unblack Metal Band Trebuchet SDG Teams Up wit The Charon Collective to Release Debut Album “Through the Dark Ages


The Charon Collective is proud to announce we’re partnering up with Finnish unblack metal band Trebuchet SDG to release their critically acclaimed debut album “Through the Dark Ages.” Taking its inspiration from the medieval times, classical music, and the Scriptures, the solo project is headed up by multi-instrumentalist Josam.” Coming virtually out of nowhere, the talents of this gifted virtuoso couldn’t be contained for long. Website Blacforge calls Trebuchet SDG “quite possibly the best black metal artist to arrive in 2023… The music is well-crafted, poignant, beautiful, and quite harsh all in unison.”

“Through the Dark Ages” from Trebuchet SDG comes out on limited edition CD THIS Friday, February 16th. You can pre-order it now at

Lyric video for ‘Through The Dark Ages’

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