Enshrouding – Time to Kill the Beast


Enshrouding is ready to release their first full length album on the 24th of October. They come from Finland with their “Time to Kill the Beast” through Bullroser Records. Let’s see what cold winter do with human minds.

Pekka Tiana started Enschrouding in 2008 as a solo project and made three EP’s.  “Time to Kill the Beast” is their first professional production. It’s a mix of trash, black and death metal. The album has 11 songs with a total playing time of almost 45 minutes.

Its starts with “Before the Falling Night” and it immediately start off with a full blast of double bass, guitars and screams. After that, the death grunt kicks in and the music turns a bit more melodic. Nicely done. Musically the parts are filled up with melodic guitar playing. “The Giants will Fall” continues a bit in the same manner. Here a fast snare starts and keeps up the tempo, some guitar solos are added to lighter it up between the death grunts. “Deathspread” is also fast and even makes my head go a bit back and forth. It’s a bit a more thrashy song. “Fires disappear” starts of slow with guitars and some clean guitar on the background. Vocals are lingering, nice. It’s a bit more a ballad kind of song. Until over half the song, a nice trash metal transformation takes place.

“The Day of the Lord” starts sinister and then kicks off into a nice death metal song. The song develops into a more heavy melodic lingering song. Very well done. “Blood in the horizon” starts heavy and then heavy and fast to turn into a more trash metal song style. Some nice twists in here, which makes it my favorite song of the album. “Outcast” start with some classical guitars. You turn the volume a bit up and then the speakers explode with some heavy and fast metal. Over halfway the tempo slows a bit and some sinister noises are added. ”Infected” is a nice fast trash metal song. “The Prophets of the New World” continues to give us some brutal death metal. It contains some guitars solo’s. “Malicious” continuous delivering brutal death metal alternating some fast parts with heavy ones. “Through Wastelands” is the closing of the album and starts with melodic guitars, soon to be followed with a nice heavy sound. Some slower lingering parts makes this song nice to listen to and a nice closing of the album.

To come to a conclusion: Enshrouding delivers a nice album which is a combination of death and thrash metal. Brutal, without being boring, but I do sense there is room to improve and we can expect some more from them in future.

Rating: 7/10

01 Before the falling night
02 The giants will fall
03 Deathspread
04 Fires disappear
05 The day of the Lord
06 Blood in the horizon
07 Outcast
08 Infected
09 The prophets of the new world
10 Malicious
11 Through wastelands

Line up:
Pekka Taina – Vocals, Guitars [Sotahuuto, Sáwol]
Rolf  Pilve – Drums [Miseration, Stratovarius]
Matti Taina – Bass [Sotahuuto, Sáwol]
Taneli Törölä – Guitars [Sotahuuto, Megiddon, Sáwol]
Jussi Verkkonen – Percussions

Volatile Times [CD EP 2008]
Arise New Army [CD EP, 2010]
Time To Kill The Beast [CD, 2012]

Record Label: Bullroser Records, Oct. 2012

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace

Interview with  ‘Pekka Taina’ [Oct. 2012]

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