Ecuadorian Metal Band INRI Immortal Sign with Hagah Recordings, Download Two Free Metal Christmas Tracks


We are completely stoked to announce INRI Immortal to the Hagah Records roster!

Go grab TWO FREE slammin’ metal Christmas tracks from them right now.

Please go like, congratulate, and welcome INRI (INRI Immortal) to the Hagah Recordings family. (Name change from INRI to INRI Immortal in process on social media sites)

INRI Immortal launched in 2016 in Cuenca, Ecuador, playing their own brand of dark, heavy death metal infused thrash. Originally the band was called INRI, but due to so many bands with the same name, they changed their moniker to INRI Immortal in 2020.

The original line up consisted of Jairo Bravo (vocals), Kleber Carrascoa.k.a. “Lord Ekklektus” (guitar/backing vocals), Daniel Togra (bass/backing vocals) and Joel Carrascoa.k.a. “Klejo Drums” (drums). This original line up tracked the first EP “Exiliado”, which was released by Christian Metal Underground In 2017. The band began to tour and played their first international show in Bogotá, Colombia at Pantokrator Metal Fest.

Not long after Jairo left and Daniel became the principal singer. INRI Immortal also added Nicolás Gallardo as their second guitar player. This line up would record the EP “Religión”

As is usually the case, band members come and go. Soon enough INRI Immortal found themselves without Daniel and Nicolás. Quickly, Nicole Valenzuela – a.k.a “Dark Angel” joined as the new bass player and the band began working on new material immediately. They recorded the EP “Apocalipsis” and the Single “Devastación.”

INRI Immortal now finds themselves as a part of the Hagah Recordings family and are currently in pre-production for their upcoming Full Length, “Postmodernity.”

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