Aggressive, Metal Band Earth Groans Releases ‘Springs’ Music Video


Earth Groans have premiered a music video for “Springs” off of their latest EP, “Prettiest Of Things“. That EP saw a release earlier this month on Solid State Records. The video can be seen below.

Prettiest of Things is a reminder to live the lives we have as full as we can, while we have it. To shape our perspectives and vision to see the beauty around us. To be grateful for our sceneries and relationships each day.”

For fans of: The Chariot • Emmure • Impending Doom

1. Gold
2. Springs
3. Peaks
4. Falls
5. Silk

Earth Groans is a hardcore band from South Dakota. The group’s two previous EP’s, “Renovate” and “Rahab,” introduced then cemented them as a band worthy of distinction. Their play on song structure and metaphor not only illustrates their creativity, but it also illuminates their passion for the genre.

The band—made up of Jeremy Schaeffer, Zachariah Mayfield, Kaden Burton, and Brady Mueller—has been innovative since their conception in 2015. Their latest endeavor has them swinging the creative pendulum hard in both directions, splintering what could be a full-length record into two distinct but united EP’s. The first pursues a softer, more melodic side to the usually aggressive sound the group is known for, while the second hits with more force and dissonance than ever before. The duality of the two-part project showcases the band’s ability to corral chaos, and then unleash it.

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