‘Drottnar’s’ Long-awaited Full Lenght Album ‘Stratum’ To Be Released September 27th.


Drottnar bandDrottnar‘s new album ‘Stratum”, was already available from itunes, but will now be released on CD, Limited Digibook, Vinyl LP. Their long-awaited full lenght album “Stratum” will be released worldwide via Endtime Productions on September 27th.

A music video for a new song ‘We March’ has been released last year November. The video can be seen below.

Drottnar offers a highly addictive and distinctly unique blend of modern technical bunker metal. For fans of avantgarde and experimental extreme metal spanning a wide range and for once truly difficult to label. Mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll [Emperor, Arcturus, Borknagar]

Ending seven years of silence, Norways Drottnar return fire with a hail of sonic bullets. Through eight tracks of disharmonic bunker metal they force seemingly formless structures into terrifying monoliths of industrial strength. Precisely dissonant, surgically passionate – “Stratum” channels a claustrophobic, schizophrenic creativity that is highly unconventional and destroys all pretenders.

The long awaited follow up to Drottnar’s critically acclaimed debut album “Welterwerk” [2006] takes technical, experimental metal to the next level proving the scene is not only alive, but needs further clarification on the meaning of heaviness.

Unapologetic blackened metal for those seeking the extreme end of the genre. And when we say extreme, we do mean extreme, pushing the concepts of extremity as no others do! “Stratum” [plural: strata] – a layer of sedimentary rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics that distinguish it from other layers.

Biography In Short:

Drottnar [plural of the ancient Icelandic word for master, ruler or king; sing. Drottinn, Norwegian “Drott”] was formed 1996 in Fredrikstad, Norway, and is known for their extreme and technical live shows where they perform in military uniforms reminiscent of old soviet fashion, focusing fully on the Drottnar collective.


1 We March
2 Slave
3 Cul-De-Sac
4 Soul Suburbia
5 Seven Suns Shining
6 Lucid Stratum
7 Ersatz
8 Wolves and Lambs

Current lineup:
Sven-Erik Lind – vocals
Karl Fredrik Lind – guitar
Bengt Olsson – guitar
Håvar Wormdahl – bass guitar
Glenn-David Lind – drums

Doom of Antichrist, demo [1997]
A White Realm, demo [1998]
Spiritual Battle, compilation [2000]
Anamorphosis EP [2003]
Ad Hoc Revolt 7″ EP [2006]
Welterwerk [2006]
Lucid Stratum Single [2012]
Stratum [2012]

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Video below for ‘We March’


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