‘Drottnar’ New Album ‘Stratum’ Now Available On iTunes


Stratum the new album by Norwegian technical avant garde metallers  Drottnar is now available at iTunes. The new album contains 8 songs, artwork and tracklist can be viewed below, just as the new music video for We March.

Drottnar is bizarre; orthodox bedlam skillfully crafted through cutting- edge unorthodoxy. The totality of the concept compel beyond what trends or external preferences will ever decide. Conceived through a series of deeply vested intentions and ideals, Drottnar was proudly established in 1997.

The band- members’ previous relationship to death metal evolved in patterns of fierceness, slightly changing into a more extreme taste. The band’s first promo “A White Realm” was recorded in 1998, containing four black metal tracks. Staying quite underground for two more years, the material was eventually released on the first full lenght album “Spiritual Battle” in 2000. After the debut album, Drottnar moved to more experimental and technical directions, and the wrath of the four track EP “Anamorphosis” was unleashed through Momentum Scandinavia in 2003. This release is characterized as the first manifest of Drottnar‘s now well known and peculiar style of black metal, also recognized as pioneering bunker metal to the inner circles.

In 2006 Drottnar again tightened its punishing musical fist through a noteworthy full- length album. The album was recorded in Subsonic Society and produced by no other than Lars Klokkerhaug, previously worked with bands as Satyricon, Darkthrone, Enslaved and Red Harvest among others. “Welterwerk” will stand as nothing else than a gigantic monument in the midst of musical modernism. Capturing both the grimness of old-school black meta,l as well as piercing contemporary avant-garde with revolutionary new themes, “Welterwerk” is embraced and cheered by fans and critics from diverse musical scenes. “Welterwerk” was followed up by the already classic 7″ vinyl featuring “Victor Comrade” and “Ad Hoc Revolt”.

Drottnar is by far not only a studio experience, but a hard- hitting live one. Drottnar has toured Europe several times [Elements Of Rock – CH,  Brainstorm Fest – NL, Destruction Fest – UK] and did the first US tour in 2008. The band has gained vast acknowledgement for its tight and untraditional live appearance. Drottnar is now ready to release their longawaited full lenght album Stratum …. !

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1 We March
2 Slave
3 Cul-De-Sac
4 Soul Suburbia
5 Seven Suns Shining
6 Lucid Stratum
7 Ersatz
8 Wolves and Lambs

Current lineup:
Sven-Erik Lind – vocals
Karl Fredrik Lind – guitar
Bengt Olsson – guitar
Håvar Wormdahl – bass guitar
Glenn-David Lind – drums

Doom of Antichrist, demo [1997]
A White Realm, demo [1998]
Spiritual Battle, compilation [2000]
Anamorphosis EP [2003]
Ad Hoc Revolt 7″ EP [2006]
Welterwerk [2006]
Lucid Stratum Single [2012]
Stratum [2012]

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