Doom Metal Legends The Skull Releases Music Video for ‘As The Sun Draws Near’


The Official music video for ‘The Sun Draws Near’ by Chicago Doom metal band The Skull. From the album “The Endless Road Turns Dark” which was released on September 7th 2018 on Tee Pee Records!

The video can be watched below.

The LP was recorded in Chicago’s Decade Music Studios with engineer Sanford Parker (YOBTOMBS) and builds on the foundation laid by The Skull‘s debut album, “For Those Which Are Asleep”, a recording that landed at or near the top of a host of 2014 year-end best of lists.

The Skull, which also features longtime Cathdral drummer Brian Dixon, guitarist Lothar Keller (Sacred Dawn), and guitarist Rob Wrong (Witch Mountain), creates classic Sabbath-ian doom with a psych-tinged metal vision. “The Endless Road Turns Dark” benefits greatly from the pedigree and experience of the band’s members and pushes authentic, old-school metal to heavier and more foreboding places, fueled by burly riffing, metallic groove and a crushing punch. Ethereal and wonderfully moody with a heart of heavy metal beating at its center, the record delivers definitive doom metal full of powerful builds and mesmerizing dynamic range. More than a mere throwback, “The Endless Road Turns Dark” is the work of a band that respects their fans, understands their own history, and still has their ears open to the current doom metal landscape. A wicked exercise in heavy metal majesty, “The Endless Road Turns Dark” plays like a natural extension of the musicians exemplary work during their 20-plus years with Trouble and cements The Skull as modern-day doom metal royalty.

Our review for The Skull’s album “The Endless Road Turns Dark” can be found here.

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