‘Deuteronomium’ Starts Recording New Album, Next Monday


The finnish Christian metal pioneers Deuteronomium will enter the studio next Monday to record a new studio album. The album will be released in the beginning of 2013 via Northern Praise Music. This will be the follow-up to Deathbed Poetry – Hope Against Hope, which is released in 2011 via Bullroser Records. We keep you posted.

Deuteronomium will celebrate their 20th anniversary on 2013. To honor their year of jubilee, the band will release a new album and then hit the road with the most massive tour on their history. The tour under planning is called ”20 Years of Holy Metal -World Tour” and it’s about to visit every continent, offering amazing metal show and putting breathe into the dry bones!

Deuteronomium wishes to play every kinds of shows, in every kinds of places, for every kinds of people! They want to play as well as headliner as support act, both in clubs and festivals, bars and churches, indoors as well as outdoors, at night or day…

You are the one who can be turning this historical tour into reality! If you’re interested in helping us in a way or another, get in touch. Any kind of help, no matter how big or small, is more than welcome, whether it is organizing or promoting a show, giving a hint ’bout this tour to promoter/festival organizer/club owner etc, sharing gig posters and flyers or spreading this message around.

The time to act is now, so let us know what would be your share in the making of this tour! Contact us: info AT northernpraisemusic DOT com

Current Line Up:
Miika Partala – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Manu Lehtinen – bass, additional vocals
Kalle Paju – lead guitar
J-J Kontoniemi – drums

• Deathbed Poetry – Hope Against Hope [LP, 2011]
• Retaliatory Strike [vinyl-EP, 2009]
• From the Midst of the Battle [LP, 2008]
• Spelled Alive [live DVD, 2007]
• Here to Stay [LP, 1999]
• …to Die and Gain [CDS, 1999]
• Street Corner Queen [LP, 1998]
• Tribal Eagle [EP. 1997]
• Crosshope [demo, 1996]
• Paths of Righteousness [demo, 1993]

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