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Early 80s was the playground for a number of Thrash Metal acts. While the American continent had a number of outliers, Detritus, a British thrash metal outfit was brewing fanbase at home grounds. After a 25-year hiatus the band have released their 3rd Studio album, “Myths” on the 19th February, 2021 under the record label of Embryo Industries. Two years ago, Mark Broomhead announced plans of a reunion tour at the Alive Festival, Netherlands.

In a press release the band quoted, “We’ve created a pantheon of dark gods, a legion of devils more terrifying than anything from our folktales and histories. We have fallen beneath the whips of new overlords; priests of intolerance, violence, hypocrisy and unreasoning judgement. We lay placating tribute at the altars of greed and hate as we walk our endless, unchanging rounds in darkness.”…  “Detritus have always carried with them a message of positivity and hope, preferring to stand against the storm rather than bow before the endless onslaught of soul-destroying bleakness and despair.”

Without further ado, lets spin out the first track, “Myth of Redemptive Violence” which is an acoustic Instrumental track that sets the tone for the album.  “Bright Black” starts off heavy with guitar chugs in a classic 4X4 beat bringing forth immense heaviness which is accentuated with high pitched vocals. Although I would have loved the track to pick up pace during its course, but it fell short of it. The melodic guitar solo adds a bit of flavor. “Tale of Sadness” a ballad, comes up next and Mark demonstrates an impressive vocal range and generally drives the song. The song has great texture be it for the guitar melody or the acoustic outro that ends the song on a cliff-hanger.

“Call Me Human” gets us grooving with a spectacular guitar chugging and the ambient melody that’s omnipresent on the song. The song does little experimentation, feels repetitive and doesn’t really fit the Progressive Thrash Metal label. I’m on the 4th track now, and generally feel that the album isn’t the fast paced Thrash album that I had anticipated at first. “Exoria” spans 8 minutes, as it quickly sets out an ambient soundscape its haunted by Mark’s voice which resonates and sits beautifully. As the song progresses we hear distinct voicings on the chords which add a lot of colour to the ambience.

“Bloodstained Glass” confirms that this is not your textbook Thrash album. Either Detritus is trying to break all stereotypes or I just heard choirs merging onto a Nu-Metal-ish riffing with electronic beats? This is refreshing and at the same time intriguing. “Pharisee” has a groovy punkish sound to it, and definitely sounds much different from the rest of the album. The guitar solo was what caught my attention where one gets to hear truly incredible song-writing prowess.

“The Game” reinstates my understanding of the album, it has elements of Thrash but at times it doesn’t follow through. At some points the song changes shape and direction, and what stands out are the heavy hard hitting vocals that are a constant with every song on this record.  We end the album with “Forever Soldier” which sets out an interesting ambience, with hovering helicopter which parallel the church hymns. The song takes no time to get your adrenaline running high, as it catches speed and delivers the much awaited power of  thrash Metal, a little too late, in my opinion.

Production – The songs on album are produced well and I could hear all the instruments the way they were intended to.

Conclusion – If I were asked to put this record on the wider Metal spectrum, I would place this record on Industrial Metal meets Nu-Metal with a tad bit of Hard Rock influence of the early 80s. It’s a mixed pot of Metal cultures and sounds.

Rating: 7/10

Written by: Ankit Sood

Band Members:
Mark Broomhead – Vocals, Bass (Seventh Angel)
Andy Neal – Guitars
Andy Bright – Drums
Paul Newington Wise – Guitars
Michael Bryzak – Guitars

01. Myth of Redemptive Violence
02. Bright Black
03. Tale of Sadness
04. Call Me Human
05. Exoria
06. Bloodstained Glass
07. Pharisee
08. The Game
09. Forever Soldier

Release Date: 19 February 2021 (digital)

Record Label: Embryo Industries Ltd.

“Perpetual Defiance” (1990)
“If But For One” (1993).
“Myths” (2021)

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Video for ‘Bloodstained Glass’

Video for ‘Bright Black’

Video (audio) for ‘Pharisee’

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