‘Deliverance’ is back… again!


Well, it looks like the big “D”is back again after all with a new line up, behind the drums, Jayson Sherlock [for me one of the best drummers in the world]. Jayson is known for his unique and extremely fast double bass pedal and blast beat technique. And known from the early Mortification, Sherlock was also the founder of the one-man project Unblack metal band Horde, in which he played every instrument. He has also been in other bands such as Paramaecium, InExordium, Altera Enigma, Soundscape and Where Shadows Lie.

Below the bands latest Facebook status update:

2012 will see the long awaited release from Deliverance. It is METAL IN YOUR FACE! Be looking for Deliverancerocks.com very soon! LONG LIVE METAL!! Look for the new “D” record, due fall of 2012 on 3 Frogz Records” …. So we can expect a great album, I think, we keep you posted.

Deliverance was/is an American Christian thrash/speed metal band which later shifted more towards heavy metal and progressive metal. Founded by Jimmy P. Brown II in 1985, although many members have either stayed in the lineup for a number of years, or left and returned to the lineup, Jimmy P. Brown II was the only persistent member of Deliverance.

Drum tracking for the new ‘D’ album:

2012 Line Up:
Vocals/guitar: Jimmy P. Brown II
Lead guitar: Michael Phillips
Bass: Manny Morales
Drums: Jayson Sherlock

Deliverance Discography:
Greeting of Death, Demo [1985]
Deliverance, Full-length [1989]
Weapons of Our Warfare, Full-length [1990]
What a Joke Full-length [1991]
Stay of Execution Full-length [1992]
Deliverance: Intense Live Series Vol.1, Live album [1992]
Learn, Full-length [1993]
River Disturbance, Full-length [1994]
Camelot in Smithereens, Full-length [1995]
A Decade of Deliverance, Compilation [1995]
Back in the Day: The First Four Years, Compilation [2000]
Assimilation, Full-length [2001]
Live at Cornerstone 2001, Live album [2001]
Greetings of Death, etc. Compilation [2001]
As Above, So Below, Full-length [2007]

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Below: ‘Weapons Of Our Warfare’ music video, 1990

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