‘Deliverance’ 10th and FINAL Album “Hear I What I Say” To Be Released December 10, Pre-Order Now


Deliverance.logoWithout further speculation or delay the album you have been waiting for from underground thrash metal masters Deliverance is upon us! The 10th and final album is entitled “Hear What I Say!” and now has an official and final street date of December 10, 2013. The new album features 10 blistering tracks, and also a special treat for their German fans with the very first ever German language track from Jimmy Brown and Deliverance.

3 Frogz Records and Roxx Records are extremely excited to announce that the new album “Hear What I Say!” has been delivered and fully mastered and is currently being prepared for release! This is the final offering from this legendary thrash band!

This last outing from Jimmy Brown and Deliverance features a who’s who of the underground Christian thrash metal movement.

Jimmy P. Brown II says: ‘I wanted to put the final chapter to this book called Deliverance in its proper prospective! In the end, it was a magnificent journey with all the band members over the years, and, more importantly, our fans! This album is for them, to say goodbye in true ‘D’ fashion!

“I am ever grateful to all the supporters throughout the years, but ‘D’ has run its course. I want her to rest and go out with a nice beautiful and loud bang!

“To all our fans, supporters, and ALL of my former bandmates, it was a wonderful roller coaster ride, scary, exciting, nauseating, thrilling, terrifying, but in the end it was fun! Lives were touched, people found what they needed at the time, and now, the next journey will begin…”

As an additional bonus, the first 200 copies will feature a limited-edition poster that will be hand numbered and signed by Deliverance frontman and founder Jimmy Brown.

Helping shape the early thrash and speed metal scene of the late ’80s and early ’90s, Deliverance was one of the premiere bands to stand out and break away from the pack. Signed to Intense Records in the early stages of its career and with its videoWeapons Of Our Warfare’ a staple on MTV‘s “Headbangers Ball”Deliverance was at the forefront of all things speed metal.

Pick yours up now at www.3frogzstudio.com orwww.roxxproductions.com

D - Hear What I Say

1. Liber 111 [Intro]
2. The Annals of Subterfuge [Go listen here:]
3. Angst
4. Hope Lies Beyond
5. Detox
6. Nude
7. Passing
8. A Perfect Sky
9. Where Eagles Dare [Iron Maiden Cover]
10. Entgiftung [German Version of Detox]

Band members:
Jimmy Brown [Deliverance] – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Michael Phillips [Deliverance, The Sacrificed, Join The Dead] – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Manny Morales [Deliverance] – Bass
Jayson Sherlock [Mortification, Horde, Revulsed] – Drums

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