Deathbreaker – “Disconnect”


This post-hardcore band from Olympia, WA just released their debut album. For a band that just started it’s great to see them at a well-known label like Facedown. Bands like For Today and Gideon where part of this label and have a big name in the Christian metal scene. The album was recorded by Matt Bayles who worked with bands like Norma Jean and Mastodon.

The first song on the album In Error starts off with a sound that reminds me of For Today and Miss May I. The rest of the song is a total different sound, but the begin of this song really has a metalcore feeling. I would describe it as post-hardcore with metalcore influences. This makes it very interesting. I’m a big fan of metalcore and not that big of a fan of post-hardcore. This band makes post-hardcore different but in a good way if you ask me. It is close to metalcore at this point and that makes it easier to listen to. But Earthbound makes it sound totally post-hardcore. It sound to me like Norma Jean and The Chariot. I like those bands but this bands still makes it their own. It is melodic and rough at the same time and I miss that sometimes with The Chariot. Father is a instrumental song and sounds totally different than the rest of the album. It’s calming, sound very melodic and it feels like it’s made with care and I like when band do such things. It shows that they can do more than just rough and hard music. It also shows that they know how to make music and even if it is not their main style. The song Blink picks up the post-hardcore mixed with metalcore. It’s a good contrast and starts off really post-hardcore. Later it sounds more metalcore and even a bit nu-metal. The chorus really gives me the feeling it could come from Linkin Park. It is my favorite song on the album. It sounds sometimes messy, which is done well and also has very melodic parts. It shows that hardcore and metalcore could be great together. The Sinking also shows this. I would say that this is their most metalcore sounding song on the album. The clean echoing guitar parts in it are a great contrast in this song. Son is also instrumental bus sounds tougher than Father. These songs are a nice break from all the rough songs, but it still fits the bands sound. Regret also sounds very metalcore like. It’s like they made half their album post-hardcore and half metalcore.

For me that’s not a bad thing. It makes me like this band. It appeals to a bigger audience and makes it easier for fans of metalcore to like it. I sometimes listen to post-hardcore but it’s not my favorite style. This bands makes it sound good and also attract a bigger audience. I can see why Facedown wanted them for their label, because it fits right in their alley and this band has a lot of potential. I think that people who like bands like Norma Jean, The Color Morale, Demon Hunter and For Today would like this band and that people that like metalcore should give it a try. This band could change your opinion about the messy sound of post-hardcore in a good way.

Rating 7.4

Written by Joshua

01. In Error 4:15
02. Earthbound 3:39
03. Insight 2:40
04. Father 1:28
05. Blink 2:51
06. The Sinking 4:20
07. Son 1:09
08. Regret 3:45
09. Eclipse 4:46
10. Absence 5:09

Scott – vocals
Kevin – guitar
Elijah – bass

Record Label Facedown Records, May 2017

Weblinks: Facebook / iTunes

Buy the album here
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video (audio) for ‘The Sinking’

Video (audio) for ‘In Error’






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