Death Therapy Announces New Album “Melancholy Machines” to Be Released on June 4. Listen to the New Single ‘Tension’


We have new music coming soon from the groovy, electronic rock project Death Therapy. They announced that their third studio album, titled “Melancholy Machines,” will be released June 4, 2020, via Tooth and Nail Records.

The first single, ‘Tension,’ has been released and it brings with it a distinct creative sound that is a promise of what’s to come. There is no shortage in musical creativity from Death Therapy and this single presents that fact well.

Track List:
Familiar Shadows
Pls Snd Hlp
Bad Day to Die
Flammable Animals
Bullet Holes
Ghost Psalm
The Silence of God (feat. Dawn Michele)
Melancholy Machines

You can pre-order their upcoming album now.

Video (audio) for ‘Tension’

Started as the side project of Jason Wisdom, former frontman of Becoming The Archetype and no stranger to Solid State records, the project morphed into a full time project consisting of Jason Wisdom and Josh Seagraves. Death Therapycombines elements of metal with electronic, industrial, and post-punk influences.

Death Therapy have released two albums, The Storm Before the Calm (2017) and Voices (2019).

Our review of “The Storm Before the Calm” can be found here.

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