‘Dazzle’ Entire ‘Graceland Festival’ Performance Available for Streaming


dazzle_2015Dazzle‘s entire first-ever performance last weekend (15-08) at Graceland Festival in Zelhem, the Netherlands, can be seen below. The video was recorded by the band self with a stage cam.

Dazzle is a new 80’s metal/rock cover band hailing from Holland, with members from different bands and musical backgrounds such as Decision D, Beyond The Doom, Morphia, Dilemma. The band will also perform next week, Sept. 4th at the 20th edition of Babypop Festival, Woerden, Netherlands.

The band is comprised of: Henk Overbosch (Blue Labeled) – Vocals, Roger Koedoot (Morphia/Beyond The Doom) – Guitar, Maurice ‘Mauce’ Lefeu (Beyond The Doom) – Guitar, Erik Van Der Vlis (Dilemma) – Bass, Peter Zaal (Decision D/Blue Labeled) – Drums.

1. Legacy (Stryper)
2. The Trooper (Iron Maiden)
3. Soldiers Under Command (Stryper)
4. The Messiah (Bloodgood)
5. Rock For The King (Barren Cross)
6. Warrior (Rob Rock)
7. Hymn Of Refuge (Decision D)
8. Slide Rule (Die Happy)
9. In His Majesty Service (Jerusalem)

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Video below: Dazzle @ Graceland Festival 2015

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