Comrades – New Song ‘Underground Queen’ Available for Streaming


comrades_2016_ff5Facedown Records are excited to share another brand new Comrades song with you titled ‘Underground Queen’ from their upcoming album “Lone / Grey” out October 7. CD, LP and Digital pre-orders and bundles are available in their online store or if you prefer iTunes, you can pre-order it there as well.

Comrades could just as easily be called adventurers as opposed to a band. Since forming in 2009, the trio – with married couple Joe and Laura McElroy at their core – have traversed North America countless times, exploring many off the beaten path locales and playing their unique brand of mostly instrumental music for anyone willing to listen.

In 2013 alone, Comrades played an impressive 112 shows, mostly in DIY venues from one end of America to the other. Throughout all their travels, building relationships with those they encounter has been at the forefront, resulting in a large network of friends they hold dear.

With their latest music creation, the band’s first proper full length“Safekeeper”, Comrades revisit their trademark sound while breathing new life into their songwriting. The intricate and highly articulate guitar work that has previously served as their “voice” of sorts is now supplemented in greater part by Laura‘s pristine vocals, as well as more aggressive vocal contributions by drummer Ben Trussell.  The resulting sound serves as testimony to their merging of various influences, experiences, and ideals into one cohesive opus.


Underground Queen lyrics

We can’t hear Your sound when we’re underground. I cannot remember life before I came here. I’ve been buried alive, swallowed up into the earth. I met a queen, she told me that home’s just a dream. I’m worried that maybe she’s right, and there’s no such thing as sunlight. And You’re just someone I imagine, when I feel alone late at night. She’s beautiful and sings to me songs of the underground sea,and says one day I’ll be her king, if I’ll admit You’re a dream.

I know I’m not dreaming, there must be something beyond these walls. I will search and find it, even if I have to crawl. For too long have I existed in this dim half-light. When darkness surrounds, and I can’t see, I will use my heart as my sight. Longing for the sunlight with all I am. Waking from this dense night to breathe again.Truth upon the moonrise, silver on my hands. Roaring through the new heights, I hear Him.

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Video below: ‘Underground Queen’

Video below: ‘Dark Tongues part II’

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