‘Cellar Darling’ (feat. Former Eluveitie Members) Announces “The Spell” European 2019 Tour, Video Released for ‘Pain’


Cellar Darling — who feature in their ranks former Eluveitie members Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy), Merlin Sutter (drums) and Ivo Henzi (guitars, bass) — checked in with the following:

Today, we are excited to announce the first set of headline dates in mainland Europe for our ongoing “The Spell” World Tour! We can’t wait to see you this fall in France, Germany, Czechia, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Witness our concept album “The Spell” live on our newly announced European shows in October and November 2019.

To celebrate the occasion, we are also releasing the next video from our concept album The Spell: Once again, Costin Chioreanu created beautiful visuals, this time for the song ‘Pain’.

17.10 – FR – Paris – Les Etoiles
18.10 – DE – Düsseldorf – The Tube
19.10 – DE – Hameln – Autumn Moon Festival
20.10 – DE – Frankfurt – Nachtleben
23.10 – DE – Munich – Backstage
24.10 – CZ – Prague – Futurum
25.10 – PL – Krakow – Zaścianek
26.10 – DE – Leipzig – Hellraiser
29.10 – DE – Hamburg – Headcrash
30.10 – DK – Copenhagen – Beta
01.11 – FI – Tampere – Olympia
02.11 – FI – Helsinki – On The Rocks
04.11 – SE – Stockholm – Sodra Bar
07.11 – DE – Cologne – MTC Club
08.11 – NL – Apeldoorn – Brainstorm Festival

Tickets are available NOW!

Their second studio album “The Spell” is a concept album and it is released on March 22 via Nuclear Blast.

Murphy told CrypticRock.com that the formation of Cellar Darling came about naturally. “We always knew when we left Eluveitie that we would continue playing music,” she said. “We didn’t actually have to discuss it a lot. We always wanted to play music with the three of us, and that was going to be a side project of some sort, but obviously things changed. The way we worked, we didn’t plan our sound and we didn’t have ideas of what genre it was going to be in. We just started composing; it was a very natural process. We met up at the rehearsal studio, jammed, and gathered ideas. That is how Cellar Darling was created. It was all very organic and impulsive.”

Regarding Cellar Darling‘s musical direction, Anna said: “I guess our only plan was to do something new and unique. It wouldn’t been very exciting to do Eluveitie 2; we had done that for 10 years. We wanted to do something that basically melts our three different characters. That is just what happened. We also were surprised a bit with the results; we didn’t know what to expect from this collaboration. It is definitely different. I guess some of the folk parts are still in there because I play a folk instrument and it is some of our background, but now there are so much more influences that we can incorporate into our songwriting, including classical elements. That is something I have always loved and missed in our previous band. Yes, it a bit more experimental.”

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