More Video Footage from Leah’s Travel to Dublin: Christ Church Cathedral


“The Quest” the new album of Canadian Symphonic / Celtic Metal artist Leah is available now, released on Oct. 5th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings. Leah checked in with the following:

Earlier this year my family and I began an adventure we call Slow Traveling. We sold a bunch of our belongings, put the rest into storage, got rid of our house, our car, and headed to Ireland for 6 weeks! We stayed in one place for a whole month before moving on, so we could really drink in our surroundings. This video features a bunch of clips I filmed on my iPhoneX during an “adventure day” in Dublin – not too shabby! Sorry about any shaky footage, I wasn’t using a stabilizer of any kind. But still fun to see, I think.

Original music in the video is the instrumental version of ‘Edge of Your Sword’ from the new album, “The Quest”. The video can be seen below.

“The Quest” was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen [Volbeat, Amaranthe, Evergrey] and musicians on the album includes Troy Donockley [Nightwish], Timo Somers [Delain], Chen Balbus [Orphaned Land], Barend Courbois [Blind Guardian] and Sander Zoer [ex. Delain].

With a strong Celtic & Fantasy connection, some prog rock elements, ethereal ambiance, combined with traditional Symphonic Metal elements, this is an album Leah is very proud to present.

The concept for “The Quest” is very simple: we’re all on a journey, and sometimes we lose our way. There are adventures, wildernesses, treasures, monsters, looters, people out to send us down the wrong path. Through it all, we must grow in wisdom and experience, find our compass once again and find our way back to the true path in order to reach our full potential: our destiny.

Our review of “The Quest” can be found here.

Lyric video for ‘Lion Arises’

Lyric video for ‘Edge Of Your Sword’




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