BTTW Church Promotional Compilation – Volume 4 Available for Free Download


Here it is !!! Vol. 4 of BTTW Church Promotional Compilation Series – go download your FREE copy now! (artwork by Don Rouse). Some Of The Best Indie Christian Rock/Metal/Hip-Hop! Including Forfeit The Untrue & Death Requisite (Rottweiler Records). The tracklist is as follows:

1. Don’t Say Goodbye – Forsaken Hero W/Chase Johner
2. Holding On – Joshua Scales
3. House Of Cards – Joshua’s Creed
4. Lay It Down – Crossing Fire
5. Veneration – Death Requisite *
6. The Burning Of The Last Bible – Forfeit Thee Untrue **
7. Tender Mercy – COR13
8. The Change – As We Are
9. Light The Fire – All Came As One
10. When Your Time Comes – Big Chris & D’Bare Bones Band
11. Drop Off – Mawcore
12. Alone – Encounter Eternal
13. Black Waves – Light The Way
14. Apocalyptica – Among The Angels
15. Black Rose – Knights of the Remnant
16. The Aftermath – Awaken
17. Here Am I – Light Up The Darkness
18. Strange Skies – Melody Anne Treadway (Demo/Instrumental/Teaser)
19. Can’t Get Enough – Eden’s Way

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About BTTW Church:

Formed in the Fall of 2012 as an online ‘Facebook’ ministry by Travis & Sarah Melton, BTTW Church (which stands for “Breaking Through The Wall”) has grew beyond their wildest expectations to include a Ministry staff of 13 that write Sermons, Devotionals, Poetry & Music Reviews as well as daily Scripture, Inspirational Quotes, Prayers and Song posts, Band/Artist promotions, partnership with the local Project Linus chapter, a prayer group and music page, monthly Give-A-Ways and Interviews with people in the Christian community.

The purpose of BTTW Church is help encourage and uplift Christians, showing love towards ALL and being a bridge for those who may feel like they have hit a wall in their spiritual relationship with God. We want to encourage everyone to never give up but to ‘BREAK THROUGH THE WALL’ of doubt, fear, addiction, abuse … etc and claim victory in JESUS CHRIST!

BTTW Church: Website / Facebook / Noisetrade

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