‘Brutal Cross’ To Release Third Album “At War” In March, Pre-Order Your Copy Now


“At War”,  This third album by Poland’s Brutal Cross is the best most polished and well produced album yet by this band.  They are really refining their brand of Blackened Death Metal.  This album is scheduled to be released late in March via Sanctus Gladius Records.  Some bands that Brutal Cross have been listed as similar to include Dargonomel, Indwelling, Behemoth and Decapitated.   Brutal Cross have bold upfront lyrics that reflect their faith and desire to share it with all.

Brutal Cross is one of those bands that just keep getting better as time goes by. And this album is no exception. “At War” delivers a blistering 14 tracks of Awesome Death Metal that has Black Metal Tendencies making for a great blend by Brutal Cross and it is by far the best Brutal Cross has put out to date.

From the great tracks to the Awesome Artwork by Eriene Grave Art Everything about this album is depicting and fighting the Spiritual Warfare all around us. This is a can’t miss album.

This cd will have a 6 panel booklet with lyrics.

Brutal Cross At War 2014

01. Intro
02. Dark Horizon
03. Our Cause
04. Blinded By Atheism
05. Lament
06. Driven By Hate
07. Cult
08. Occult
09. Born Again
10. War Cry
11. Silence On The Cross
12. At War
13. Sea Of Despair
14. Outro


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Lyric video below ‘Born Again’

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