Brazilian Thrash Metal Band Mad Dragzter’s New Album “Master of Space and Time” Available for Free Download


mad dragzter logoAfter eight years of inactivity, Brazilian thrash metal Mad Dragzter are back in the metal scene, Their new album“Master of Space and Time” is released earlier this month through ‘Army Records’. The album is available for free download now (link below).

Cover artwork is created  by Sergio Cariello known as one of the most talented names of comics, including some works in Marvel Comics and DC Comics. The artwork & tracklist can be seen below.

“Master of Space and Time” is the first release of “Army Records,” which also includes clothing brand with Mad Dragzter‘s soundtrack.

Mad Dragzter‘s members are still the same as 2006 album “Killing The Devil Inside”, Tiago Torres (vocals and guitar), Gabriel Spazziani (guitar), Armando Benedetti (bass) and Eric Claros (drums).

Master Of Space 2015

01. Almighty 3:16
02. Valley of Dry Bones 4:44
03. Master of Space and Time 4:44
04. 5708 4:21
05. Megiddo 5:03
06. Gehenna: the Second Death 3:04
07. King of Kings 5:00
08. Army of Truth 4:12
09. Sons of Thunder 3:18
10. The Man by the Pool of Bethesda 4:27
11. One Nation, One Church 4:28
12. From Emptiness to Infinity 4:17
13. Vox Spiritus Sancti 3:38
14. Wrath of God 5:01
15. New Heaven and New Earth 4:14


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