Brazilian Old School Thrash Metal Band ‘Hating Evil’ Debut EP “Rotten Inside” to be Re-released by ‘Vision of God Records’


Hating_Evil_band_2015_782Brazilian Old School Thrash Metal Band Hating Evil‘s first EP, originally released earlier March 2014 is being re-released now in 2016 by Vision of God Records, with new layout, remastered and bonus tracks included (a total of 14 tracks).

“Rotten Inside” is a powerful, fast, aggressive Thrash Metal album, forged according to the traditions of the Old School style, with lyrics that speak about the human behavior, the cruel reality, greed and deception that slave the mankind. It’s also based on the teachings from the “good old book”, the Holy Bible. It’s possible to note the influences from bands like Slayer, Dark Angel, Sepultura, Vengeance Rising, Deliverance and Kreator… anyway, it’s a MUST-HAVE EP that every headbanger needs! It has seven intense, explosive tracks plenty of musical aggression!!

The CD will be released on March 11th in physical and digital formats, besides, a limited edition of T-shirts. Vision of God Records sends materials worldwide, so, purchase now your tee and CD! Support the underground!

The band is composed of: Renan Machado – Vocal/Guitars, Eduardo Crestan – Lead Guitars, Fernando Crestan – Bass, Vinícius Sousa – Drums

Thrash till death!

Rotten Inside

Track Listing:
1) Rotten Inside
2) Hell Avenger
3) Pentagram
4) Armour of God
5) Desperated Humanity
6) Spiritual Decadence
7) Now Yell
8) Desperated Humanity (demo 2010)
9) Now Yell (demo 2010)
10) Spiritual Decadence (demo 2010)
11) Armour of God (demo 2010)
12) In the abyss of lies (demo 2010)
13) Hell Avenger version 2 (demo 2010)
14) Pentagram (demo 2010)


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Video below: ‘Rotten Inside’

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