Brazilian Metallers ‘Dynasty’ Announce Tribute Album “Inspirations”, Due In April


DFive years after our last studio album, the Brazilian band Dynasty will back to the phonographic market with a homage to your music heroes, with the tribute album called “Inspirations”.

According to the vocalist Nahor Andrade, “We love the honored bands and grew up listening to them”. Naor says too that record covers is common in Dynasty’s history and also work as a good preview to the next full length album, to be released in 2016, to celebrate the 20 years of the band.

Dynasty are in the end of the recording process of “Inspiriations”, only the bass parts, and some vocals and guitar solos are still missing. An release date is set for April 3-4 at the 15 Years edition of Metanoia Fest.

Albums: “Into Righteousness” Demo (1997), “The Angels Return” EP (1999), “Following the Sign” EP (2002), “Motus Perpetuus” (2004) , “Warriors of the King” (2010), “The End of the Legacy” (2011).

The band consist of: Samuel – Bass, César – Guitar & Vocals, Tiago – Drums, Nahor – Vocals, Filipe – Guitar & Vocals.

Track list :
1. Too late for living – Saint
2. Top of the mountain – Bloodgood
3. Ark of suffering – Tourniquet
4. Weapons of our warfare – Deliverance
5. Imaginary Music – Barren Cross
6. Only yesterday –Joshua
7. Metal might – Bride
8. Beat the system –– Petra
9. Minister by night – Sacred Warrior
10. Eye of hurricane – Impellitteri

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