Brazilian Metal Band Doomsday Hymn Releases Video for New Single ‘Sozinho’, New Album on Its Way


After some incredible teasers that aroused curiosity in their audience, the Curitibana band Doomsday Hymn finally releases their new work. The song called ‘Sozinho’ (Alone) brings a clip that features almost a short film with a story that catches the viewer by surprise and prepares him for future videos.

The band has revealed that the video is a small sample of a much larger story they intend to tell on their next album yet to be released.

The video can be seen below.

Doomsday Hymn was founded in late 2013 by Gil Lopes in Curitiba after a few conversations with drummer Jarlisson Jaty, who helped form the group. To complete the quintet were invited guitarists Roney Lopes and Karim Serri, along with Fernando Frogel on bass, in which they recorded the first self-titled EP. The release featured three visceral stones with excellent riffs and a weight that would become characteristic in DDH.

Video for ‘Sozinho’ (Alone)

In 2014, the band kept a schedule of shows within the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina as they prepared to record their first album. After the first semester the band changes lineup with the departure of Roney and Fernando to the entrance of Angelo Torquetto (G) and Allan Pavani (B) after a brief passage from bassist Ozeias Rodrigues in which he participated in the recording of EP and Live Session released. through the group’s social networks reaching the 10,000 view mark in the first week.

2015, with the new team consolidated Doomsday Hymn, releases the album “Mene Tequel Ufarsim” by the American label Rottweiller Records containing 3 bonus tracks for this version only, while the national version featured 10 songs that raised the band’s level to another level receiving Roadie Crew 9.5, as well as the best clip of the year award for the album’s title song, which also featured an International Premiere hosted by HM Magazine (USA). The album was present in all the best lists of the year reaching excellent places. The album still received reviews from the US and Europe always with above average grades.

Also in 2015, the band presented their “DestrucTour” including: Rondônia, Rio Branco in Acre, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, as well as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and again Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. It was 45 days on the road and it bore much fruit as interviews on radio, TV and even a two-page newspaper devoted entirely to the band in Arica, Chile.

After a two-year hiatus, Doomsday Hymn returned in late 2018 with a new lineup, a new musical proposal and a new visual concept. This new phase brings a more modern sound, at the same time a more abstract side, a combination of ideas and influences mixed with a heavy sound and in some moments more commercial.

The return had new members, being only the singer Gil Lopes of the original lineup. In charge of the guitars, mixing 6 and 7 strings Renato Ribeiro and Jader Felippe, bass João Rafael and Jairo Messias on drums. With this lineup the group releases two new singles and during the preparation of the new single they announce the return of the original drummer Jarlisson Jaty.

This is the new Doomsday Hymn in which it targets all audiences, those who enjoy the heavy sound, the throaty vocal, the clean vocal, the more technical sound as well as those who enjoy the mosh and the circle pit.

Current Line-Up:
Vocals – Gil Lopes
Guitar – Jader Felippe
Guitar – Allan Pavani
Bass – Guilherme Fuse
Drums – Jarlisson Jaty

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