Brazilian Heavy Metal Band Prelúdio X Releases New Single & Lyric Video ‘The Entrance’


Written by Dante Alighieri, from 1308 and completed in 1320, 1 year before the death of the Florentine poet, “Purgatório” is the second part of the epic poem “Divina Comedia”, and describes, in its 33 cantos, an allegory of penitent afterlife Christian life. Such an incredible and fantastic structure fits perfectly with the grandeur of Metal.

This is what the brazilian band Prelúdio X did, transposing the classic text for ‘The Entrance’, which is an epic song composed by guitarist Marcello França, containing many elements of orchestra and Neoclassical Metal, which end up revitalizing the characteristic sound of Prelúdio X – based primarily on Heavy and Power Metal.

The lyrics of ‘The Entrance’ echo the verses written in the cantos X to XII of “Purgatorio”, talking about the first penalty that the proud souls must pass to reach Paradise, mentioned in the song as “The Joy”.

On the lyrical theme of music, guitarist Gerson Souza says that “during the quarantine my reading habit expanded and I started reading the classics. That was when I read that book, since the first part of the poem (“Inferno”) the idea of ​​Prelúdio X talking about the theme came in the near future. When Marcello brought the music already composed and realizing the ‘not so happy harmony’ atmosphere, it was that the idea of ​​writing the lyrics about Purgatorio came to fruition ”.

The musician, also responsible for the single’s cover, adds that “the lyrics were made in 1 day, with few changes the recording of the voice happened as fast as the creation of the lyrics. For us, all the inspiration that came up seemed magical, and that, even with a post-production CD, a single was born unexpectedly ”.

The recording of ‘The Entrance’ took place in the band’s home studio, with mixing and mastering on their own. The track is now available as lyric video and on digital platforms and be seen below.

Prelúdio X is:
Leandro Silva – Vocals
Gerson Souza – Guitar
Marcello França – Guitar
Cristiano dos Santos – Bass
Jorgeano Abreu – Keyboard
Tarcílio Soares – Drums

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