Brazilian Hard Rockers ‘Sunroad’ Releases Lyric Video for New Single ‘Lick My Lips’


Brazilian hard rockers Sunroad are back with their 8th full length studio album. Roxx Records are excited to be bringing you the US pressing of the latest offering from Brazil’s premiere hard rock band.

“Heat Strokes” is the latest offering from Sunroad and this one picks up right where this band left off and shows the progression and experience of these artists that make up Sunroad.. The album will be released on April 13th (Record Store Day) via Roxx Records.

Check out the lyric video for their second single ‘Lick My Lips’ below.

Track Listing:
1. Mind The Gap
2. Given and Taken
3. Screaming Ghost
4. Lick My Lips
5. Empty Stage
6. Unleash Your Heat
7. Heatstrokes
8. Spellbound Age
9. Overwhelmed
10. Dare to Dream

Another release we [Roxx] are proudly bringing your way on official ‘Record Store Day 2019’ on April 13th. Pre-orders are live now here.

In case you are keeping track we are releasing all of these wonderful titles on this years Record Store Day: Holy Soldier – S/T (LP/CD) LoveLife – Goodbye Lady Jane (LP/CD) – Recon – Behind Enemy Lines (CD) – Lovewar – S/T (CD/Digital) – True Strength (CD) and now the US pressing of the new Sunroad album Heat Strokes (CD).

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Lyric Video for ‘Lick My Lips’

Lyric video for ‘Empty Stage’



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