Brainstorm Festival’23 Is Approaching, Time Schedule Published


The timetable for the upcoming Brainstorm Festival has been announced. Neverus opens the festival on Friday early evening and Extol closes on Saturday evening.

In addition to concerts and interviews, several clinics will take place this year. For example, the drummers of In Vain and Lyrre will provide a drum clinic, and Lyrre-singer Michalina Malisz will show you how to play a hurdy gurdy. There are also a number of meet&greets in the café with different artists. A great opportunity to get an autograph, have your picture taken with your favorite band or just enjoy a chat.

The 16th edition of Brainstorm Festival will take place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 November in Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Besides concerts on the mainstage there is a theaterstage for (acoustic) performances and band-interviews. The festival also offers an exposition, beer tasting sessions and a small cd-market.

Friday 3 November:

  • Ticket-office open: 17.30 hr || Doors open: 18.00 hr || First band: 18.15 hr || Last band ends at 23.30 hr

    Neverus (NL)
    Fellowship (UK)
    In Vain (NO)
    Hamradun (FO)
    Xandria (DE)

    – Meet&greets with In Vain || Xandria || Fellowship || Neverus
    – Interview with Xandria

Saturday 4 November:

  • Ticket-office open: 13.30 hr || Doors open: 13.30 hr || First band: 14.00 hr || Last band ends at 23.30 hr

    FlowerLeaf (BR/DE)
    Confessions Of A Traitor (UK)
    Lyrre (PL)
    Temperance (ITA)
    Serenity (AT)
    Leonov (NO)
    Extol (NO)

    – Meet&greets with Confessions Of A Traitor || Extol || Temperance || Serenity
    – Drumclinics by Tobias Solbakk (In Vain) and Adam Partyka (Lyrre)
    – Hurdy-gurdy clinic by Michalina Malisz (Lyrre)
    – Conversation with Kristian ‘Necrolord’ Wåhlin || Interview with In Vain
    – College by Tim Ziegeler about social media and metal

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