‘Brainstorm Festival 2011’ Is Aproaching


The fourth edition of Brainstorm Festival will  be held November 4 and 5 in club Gigant in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands). Besides (inter)national bands the festival will offer again exposition, a small metalmarket and an alternative programm in the theater of the club.

The line-up for Brainstorm Festival 2011 is nearly completed. A total of 15 bands will play this years festival; three more then in previous editions. So nothing can stop this new edition to become a great success! View the complete line up below.
As always Brainstorm Festival offers a variety of styles, from gothic-metal (Stream Of Passion), progressieve metal (Darkwater) to extreme nordic metal (Drottnar). Last band will present their new album, fans have been waiting for to long!

Line up:
War Of Ages (USA)
Becoming The Archetype (USA)
Immortal Souls (FIN)
Sinbreed (DE)
In The Midst Of Lions (USA)
Cirrha Niva (NL)
Portall (NL)
Burial Earth (NL)
Stream Of Passion (NL)
The Wounded (NL)
Darkwater (SE)
Drottnar (NO)
Deadend In Venice (D)
Beyond The Dust (FR)
+1 tba

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