‘bob K’ Releases New Album During Tour In ‘South America’


Swedish band, bob K, is heading for a South American tour for three weeks in April. During this tour the band releases its third album titled Noir/Blanc. The production is made together with American/Norwegian producer David Larring, who also contributes on the album. Tour dates will be announced soon.

The six-piece band released its album, Fragile, by themselves in 2010. Soon it got signed for a major worldwide distribution, which led to a re-release in January 2011. And the new album, Noir/Blanc, that was planned for release in November 2011 had to wait until 2012. Fragile is currently available for FREE download.

– We would have liked to release the album earlier, but when we got all this unexpected and positive feedback in reviews from all over Europe and America, it felt right to let the new album wait. says the band’s guitarist and founder Jonatan “Jono” Samuelsson,  and get nodding approval from the rest of the band.

– We got a good chance to listen to the songs again and make a few improvements. the band’s lead singer Peter Dalhoff says, and continues to talk about the sound of the new album:

– In one way the new album picks up where Fragile left off musically. But production-wise we have let Larring come up with his ideas and influences.

American/Norwegian producer David Larring and bob K met on a common tour together with American artist Kevin Max (DC Talk) in 2010. Musically they fitted like a glove, and immediately a co-operation began. During the recording-process, Larring moved from Los Angeles to Oslo, where the album now is finished.

– David is a very talented producer, musician and singer. keyboardist Lorens Palmgren says, and points out that Larring managed to get the best out of bob K on Noir/Blanc. The band’s guitarist, Tjet Pipars, agrees and adds:

– With Larring’s Norwegian roots, we have been able to keep our musical identity in the Scandinavian rock. But he has also made us sound much more, and better than ever.

The new bob K song The Escape is currently available as a free download . Single + the album Fragile for free by visiting facebook.com/bobkband or noisetrade.com/bobk And the music video for The Escape can be seen below.

– We have great expectations for both the tour and the new album. And we hope that the music will please both current and new listeners’ ears. concludes Peter Dalhoff.

Band members:
Peter Dalhoff: lead vocals, keyboards
Lorens Palmgren: keyboards, vocals
Jonatan Samuelsson: guitars, vocals
Tjet Pipars: guitars, vocals
Fredrik Nelson: drums
Adam Börjesson: bass, vocals

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