Black Metal Project ‘Proven Existence’ Releases Sophomore Single ‘Slaughter the Innocent’


The new black metal project Proven Existence has released their sophomore single ‘Slaughter the Innocent’ and their debut single through The Bearded Dragon Productions. The track is available for 90¢ on the labels Bandcamp page, as well as the artist’s page.

This song is about the heresy known as abortion. No matter what way you paint it, during an abortion procedure (regardless if he/she is an embryo or not) a death still takes place. Finally, I read an article where church leaders were praying for God to “bless” an abortion clinic. How absurd I thought, the blasphemy has reached every corner of society at this point. I couldn’t just let that slide, so I just had to make a song about it.

“Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in Your book
before one of them came to be.”
– Psalm 139:16

Proven Existence recently inked a deal with the up and coming label, The Bearded Dragon Productions. The project’s founder, Nocturnal Servant, has been a prominent supporter in the underground Unblack metal scene, citing himself as a fan of Symphony of Heaven, Children of Wrath, Frost Like Ashes, and many more.


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