‘Beyond The Riff’ Goes Beyond The Grave


The show that keeps you in the know in the world of music and ministry. Beyond The Riffexplores the exciting world of Christian and mainstream rock and metal as well as cutting-edge ministries. Beyond The Riff with hosts Priest and Bishop is going beyond the borders every Sunday.

This Sunday Beyond The Riff goes beyond the grave as our special guest will be Grave Robber lead vocalist, Wretched! Below a little preview of just what you can expect this Sunday on Beyond The Riff with Wretched and Grave Robber…enjoy!

Don’t be afraid to enter our inner sanctum as we exhume some unearthered treasures from their new collection of macabre hymns You’re All Gonna Die. Find out how God is using this unique and ground-breaking band to challenge hearts and minds worldwide in the punk and metal arena. Listen live from 4-6 PM CST / 5-7 PM EST on AM 1300 KSET and www.mykest.com this Sunday, Oct.30!

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