Behind the Scenes Video of Jen Ledger’s (Skillet) First Solo Music Video ‘Not Dead Yet’


Skillet drummer Jen Ledger takes you behind the scenes of her first solo music video ‘Not Dead Yet.’ The video can be watched below.

Jen Ledger‘s first solo EP, titled “Ledger” is released on April 13 through Hear It Loud, a label imprint launched by Skillet frontman John Cooper and his wife, Skillet keyboardist Korey Cooper.

“My mom and dad hated watching it. They definitely don’t love the video for sure”. “I made it more violent at first, but everyone was like, ‘Ugh!’ I was trying really hard to make it feel real and gritty, but apparently, I went a little bit too far.”

“I felt in my heart that I was meant to write the treatment because the song is just so personal to me,” she says. “I wanted the video to feel as real to me and as personal to me as the song does, and it just meant too much to me to choose one of these other treatments.”

“I wrote the song because sometimes life just feels like it keeps kicking you while you are down, and sometimes you feel like you don’t want to get up, like things feel too impossible,” explains Ledger. “There was a moment where I knew I couldn’t let these things completely take me out. I can’t let fear rob me of my own life. I’d rather go down swinging and fight it, even if it is until the day I die. I wouldn’t let it just steal my life away from me.”

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Sep 15 – Uprise Festival 2018, Shippensburg, PA, US
Sep 22 – Christian Music Day 2018, Charlotte, NC , US
Dec 27 – Xtreme Winter Gatlinburg 2018, Gatlinburg Convention Center, Gatlinburg, TN
Dec 29 – Xtreme Winter Branson 2018, Branson Convention Center – Southwest MO

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Video for ‘Not Dead Yet’ (Beyond The Video)

Video for ‘Not Dead Yet’

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