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WDAFWhen I received this album by Axenstar, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that they came from Sweden. So I looked up some info, and it seems that Axenstar has been busy during the years. They released their first album “Perpetual Twilight” all the way back in 2002. Then they continued to release more albums almost every year. But after their 2006 album “The Final Requiem”, they seemed to have taken a break and did not release a new album until 2011 called “Aftermath”. I’m starting to ask myself why they are relatively unknown, and why I haven’t heard of them before. Anyway, Axenstar is back after 3 years with their album “Where Dreams Are Forgotten”. This album is pretty refreshing. Keep on reading, and you’ll see what I mean.

The first track “Fear” is a great track to start off an album. This song just bombards you with racing, harmonic guitars. The guitars reminded me of melodic death metal, but then the vocalist came in. I did not expect this, but the singer only uses clean vocals. And that is not a bad thing, in fact; it’s a great thing. It gives the song a bit more of a power metal vibe. The guitars are harmonic, fast, catchy and well excecuted. That sure sounds like the perfect formula to me.

“Inside the Maze” is another excellent song with the same vibe as the first. I just think that it’s awesome when bands can play fast, harmonic guitar parts without sounding chaotic. What really stood out to me was the chorus. It’s pretty typical for power metal; a soaring clean voice, guitars playing power chords and great backing vocals As I said, it’s pretty typcal, but it is not boring at al.

The third track “My Sacrifice” starts off with a thrashy guitar intro and keyboards in the background. These guitar parts might be the thrashiest I’ve heard so far in power metal. Sometimes it goes by unnoticed, but it really is the keyboard that gives the song its atmosphere. Without it, the songs would sound a lot more empty.
The fourth track “The Return” starts off with a clean guitar, quickly accompanied by a distorted guitar. I actually think that this is the best track of the album. Outstanding vocals and back up vocals, solid guitars with intricate licks in between the chords, and great use of synths. And the guitar solo about halfway through the song is a great addition.

As soon as “Demise” kicks off, I’m reminded of Iron Maiden. But that’s really a good thing. The guitars go wild in this one with a fast solo near the end of the song. The vocals in this song are a bit more raw compared to the rest, which gives you a bit more variety. I also really enjoyed the drums duing the chorus, as they added a lot more power to it.

When “Greed” comes in, you’re instantly treated with some heavy sounding guitars. This track sounds a bit darker than the others during the verses, and the vocals are a bit more raw as well. That makes the track a bit more different than the rest, and is quite refreshing.

Overall: I would love to break each song down for you, but that would make this review a lot longer. If you are looking for something completely original, then I’m afraid this album is not something for you. But if you want to listen to some musicians that are great at what they do, then buy this record without hestitation. My only real complaint is that the album blurs together a bit, and doesn’t have very much variety. But every song on this album is enjoyable at the very least. Axenstar shows that they have mastered their skills. This album treats you with intricate guitars, soaring vocals, and great use of the keyboard. Definitely a must-listen!

Rating: 8/10

Written by Geert Prins

01. Fear
02. Inside The Maze
03. My Sacrifice
04. Curse Of The Tyrant
05. The Return
06. Demise
07. Annihilation
08. Greed
09. The Reaper
10. This False Imagery
11. Sweet Farewell

Magnus Wilterwild – Vocals, Bass
Jens Klovegård – Guitar
JoakimJonsson – Guitar
Adam Lindberg – Drums

“Perpetual Twilight” (2002)
“Far From Heaven” (2003)
“The Inquisition” (2005)
“The Final Requiem” (2006)
“Aftermath” (2011)
“Where Dreams Are Forgotten” (2014)

Record Label: Inner Wound Recordings, Nov. 2014

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Bandcamp

Buy the album here:
 First Paradox 
 Nordic Mission

Video below ‘Where Dreams Are Forgotten’ [Teaser]

Video below ‘Fear’

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