Arizona Skate Punk band ‘Reliance’ Joins Thumper Punk Records Band Family


Thumper Punk Records is stoked to announce that Prescott, Arizona, based skate punk band Reliance has joined the label family. Reliance plays catchy, high-energy, melodic punk over a hailstorm of furious drumming. Bringing a message of hope and positivity, these passionate musicians have risen to the top of the genre. Reliance has new songs ready, and will be entering the studio with Dave Klein again in the coming months to record their third release. In the meantime, Thumper Punk Records has re-released their Crashing Down EP in CD format, which is available from the band at shows. Crashing Down is also available on the TPR Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and all major commercial retailers.

“Like a caged wildcat suddenly released, this album doesn’t hold back. It piles in good and hard, fast, proud, loud and with so much energy Reliance probably glow in the dark. It’s solid riffing through and through: drums, bass and guitar creating one of the best punk walls of noise I’ve heard in a long time.” — Paul S Ganney, Cross-Rhythms.

“Recommended for fans of Pennywise, Authority Zero, Rise Against, Milencollin, and No Use For a Name.” – Brandon Jones, Indie Vision Music.


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“Crashing Down” EP available here:

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

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