‘All That Remains’ Begins Recording New Album


ATR.bandMassachusetts metallers All That Remains officially entered the studio on Saturday, July 12 to begin recording their new album. The as-yet-untitled follow-up to 2012’s “A War You Cannot Win” is being helmed by producer Josh Wilbur, who has previously worked with Lamb Of God and Gojira. A late 2014/early 2015 release via Razor & Tie is expected.

All That Remains singer Phil LaBonte told The Pulse Of Radio a while back how the band approaches a new record. “There’s a lot of bands out there that are like, ‘Oh, we went and we took a bunch of time and we were thinking about this and we were thinking about that,’ and blah blah blah,” he said. “All That Remains has never been that band. We’ve always been the band that’s like, ‘You know what? We’ve got to write a record, why don’t we all just get together and come up with some ideas, and the stuff we like, we’ll use, and the stuff we don’t like, we’ll throw away.’ There’s so many bands out there that are like, ‘Oh, we want to change the world and we want to…’ And it’s like, ‘Okay.'”

All That Remains  had a huge single earlier this year with ‘What If I Was Nothing’, which was very different for the group. Labonte told The Pulse Of Radio that not everyone in the band was on board with it at first. “There was definitely conflict in the beginning,” he said. “There are people that come from, you know, a school of thought that like this is what you’re supposed to do and that’s what you do. But you either play inside the safe zone or you really push the envelope, and pushing the envelope is a risk. That’s the thing about trying new stuff — you’re not gonna know when it’s gonna, you know, strike a chord with people. You have no idea.”

All That Remains‘Stand Up’ single spent three weeks at #1 at Active Rock Radio. This marked All That Remains ‘ first -ever #1 radio single and the group’s fifth consecutive Top 10 single at the format.

“A War You Cannot Win” debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard Top 200 with over 24,700 units sold in its first week and has sold over 114,000 copies to date.

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Jul 17     Rock USA @ Ford Festival Park, Oshkosh, WI
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Aug 02     KROCKATHON @ Chevrolet Court, Syracuse, NY
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Sep 19     98.9 The BEAR Birthday Bash @ Parkview Field w/ Nonpoint, Fort Wayne, IN

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