Sovereign Strength – The Prophecy


Sovereign Strength is a metallic hardcore band from California. They released their debut ‘Reflections’ early in 2010 and followed on with ‘The Prophecy’ in  2011. They state “What sets them apart, aside from their bone-crushing live delivery, is their faith in God. The band strives to act as a positive spiritual role model for their audiences, and once stated that it is God’s will that fuels their passion for the music that they write and perform. Rather than preach, the band chooses to let their songs and shows do the speaking for them”.

One reviewer went so far as to describe them as featuring more chugging than an alcoholic stumbling upon an unsupervised communion chalice! Having said that, they can give biblical references for all of the songs.

The punishing “Darkest Sin” (with guest vocals from Jamie Hanks of I Declare War) bleeds into “Words Without Meaning” which takes its inspiration from Psalm 139 verses 23 & 24. They also feature guest vocals from Shane Raymond (of Close Your Eyes) in “Bring Me Home”. This brings in some contrasts as Jordan King does tend to stick with the same vocal style throughout.

However, they are in a scene that is already at saturation point, so musically they are not bringing anything fresh to the table. Whilst this may go down well with hardcore kids, they need to carefully think about where they are going next.

Rating: 5/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

Label: Mediaskare Records / 2011

Track list:
01. Darkest Sin
02. Words Without Meaning
03. No Victory
04. Bring Me Home
05. More To Life
06. Last War
07. Everlasting Fire
08. Shame
09. What I’ve Become
10. Revival

Band members:
Jordan King – Vocals
Nelson Flores – Guitar
Jesse Guiterrez – Guitar
Derek Bjurman – Drums
Davey Ramos – Bass

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