Alberto Rigoni Announces New Project + New Solo Albums ‘Sweet Lullabies Part 1’ ‘Metal Lullabies Part 2’


Italian bass master and composer Alberto Rigoni (solo, BAD AS, NATURAL BORN MACHINE, Bassists Alliance Project, Vivaldi Metal Project, etc.) has announced his new project coming up + new solo album…. of lullabies … Part 1 – sweet Part 2 – Metal!

Alberto shared:
“Hello, headbangers and pop lovers!
I have a couple of news… firstly, a New Project, I tell only only the name of the first song… META FUNK! Secondly, a new solo album…. of lullabies… Part 1 – sweet Part 2 – Metal, which will be a mix of cover and original songs. I will play only one bass, which belongs to one of my favorite bass players, Randy Coven (ARK, Steve Vai), I’ve been so lucky to find it, which I’ve been searching for years!!! It was used for recording Burn the Sun, the top album ever!!!!!! That’s all for now! More coming soon or probably later! Ciao! Al”

Stay tuned for more details TBA!


Earlier this year Alberto Rigoni released his first stand-alone single, entitled ‘Lonely World’ feat. the legendary Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Official Yngwie Malmsteen, Sons Of Apollo, Journey, and tons of others)!

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Available also on all digital platforms.
Watch the video below:

Vocals: Jeff Scott Soto as special guest
Bass: Alberto Rigoni
Drums: Marco Andreetto
Simone: Mularoni (DGM)

Music, lyrics, mix (drums mix by Domination Studio), mastering and production by Alberto Rigoni. All rights reserved © 2023 Alberto Rigoni / Carlo Bellotti Publishing /Warner Chappell Music Inc.
Release date April 7th, 2023.

Artwork and video by Mark Barrett at


More on Alberto Rigoni:

Alberto Rigoni (soloist, BAD AS, Natural Born Machine, Bassists Alliance Project, Vivaldi Metal Project, The Italians, Kim Bingham)

Born in 1981, Alberto Rigoni is an Italian bass player, composer, and producer, internationally known for his career as a solo artist and as a member of the metal band BAD As, The Italians, Natural Born Machines Lady & THE BASS, co-producer of the Vivaldi Metal Project and member of progressive rock band TwinSpirits (no more active).

Between 2008 and 2022 Alberto released worldwide 11 solo albums (Something Different, Rebirth, Three Wise Monkeys, Overloaded, BASSORAMA, Duality, EvoRevolution, Prog Injection, Odd Times, For the Love of Bass, Songs for Souls, Grains of Sands ), spanning from progressive rock metal to fusion. His albums also featured legendary musicians such as Jeff Scott Soto (Journey, Sons of Apollo, etc.), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) Kevin Moore (ex-Dream Theater), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson), Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats), Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen), Michael Manring, Nathan East, Leland Sklar, and many others.

Alberto has been featured on the cover of magazines such as Bass Magazine (Japan), Bass Musician Magazine (USA), Bajos Y Bajistas (Spain), Basistas (Poland), and TOP BASS (Poland). Moreover, in March 2015 the prestigious Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) released Alberto’s CD anthology called “Into THE BASS”.

In 2016 founded a new metal band called BADASS (now called BAD As) which released three albums (More Pain More Gain, Midnight Curse, and Crucified Society, fourth album to be released in fall 2023 (TBA).
In 2019 founded a new AOR band called “Natural Born Machine” featuring famous Pink Cream 69 singer David Readman. Their debut album “Human” was released on February 19th, 2021 by Pride and Joy Music.

Alberto has also recorded for several international artists such as Italian pop singer Alexia and producers such as Hiro Furuya (Elton John, Eric Clapton, etc.) and he is also playing bass for Canadian rock singer and songwriter Kim Bingham (ex-Nelly Furtado) and The Italians.

Alberto played live with his bands or as a soloist in Europe sharing stages with artists such as Alan Parson, Suzanne Vega, Jørn Lande, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, and others.

Collaboration as demonstrator/influencer/artist: Fender, Jackson, Music Man, Sadowsky, Schecter, Cort, Warwick, D’Addario strings, HipShot, Nordstrand Pickups, Peterson Tuners, Sonuus, Gruv Gear, RME Audio (Midiware), DarkGlass Electronics pedals, Rheingold Music cables, Waves Audio, Dynaudio

Past brands: Aguilar Amplification, Ashdown Engineering

2022 – Alberto Rigoni & Michael Manring – Grains of Sand
2022 – Alberto Rigoni – Songs for Souls (AR Productions)
2021 – Alberto Rigoni – Metal Addicted (AR Production)
2021 – Alberto Rigoni – For The Love of Bass (AR Productions)
2021 – Natural Born Machine, featuring singer David Readman of Pink Cream ’69 (Pride and Joy Music)
2020 – Alberto Rigoni – Odd Times feat. Marco Minnemann and Alexandra Zerner (Marquee/Belle Antique/Sliptrick Records)
2020 – BAD As – “Crucified Society” (SlipTrick Records)
2019 – Alberto Rigoni – Prog Injection feat. Thomas Lang (Total Metal)
2018 – BAD As – Midnight Curse (RockShot Records)
2018 – Alberto Rigoni – EvoRevolution feat. Marco Minnemann (Total Metal)
2017 – Bassists Alliance Project – Crush (Self-Produced)
2017 – Alberto Rigoni – Duality (Self-produced)
2016 – BADASS (now BAD As) – More Pain, More Gain (Lion Music / Cargo Records UK)
2016 – Vivaldi Metal Project (Pride & Joy Music / King Records Japan)
2016 – The Italians – Live at Teatro delle Voci] (Self-produced)
2016 – Alberto Rigoni – BASSORAMA (Pride & Joy Music / Edel Music / Come Back Media)
2015 – Alberto Rigoni – Into THE BASS (Bass Guitar Magazine)
2014 – Alberto Rigoni – Overloaded (Any and All Records / PowerProg)
2014 – John Jeff Touch (special guest) – Warnings (Web Art Records)
2013 – Alexia (special guest) – iCanzonissime (Universal Music)
2012 – Alberto Rigoni – Three Wise Monkeys (Any and All Records / PowerProg)
2012 – Lady & THE BASS – Groovy (AR Music Production)
2011 – the BASStards – Obsession (single) (Black Cavia Record)
2011 – Alberto Rigoni – Rebirth – (Nightmare Records/Sony/RED)
2011 – TwinSpirits – Legacy (Lion Music)
2010 – Gianni Rojatti (special guest) – Dolcetti Metal Beat (Heart of Steel Records)
2010 – Mistheria – Dragon Fire (Lion Music)
2010 – Lady & the BASS – Quirky Girl single (Emmeciesse Music Publishing)
2009 – Tommy Ermolli (special guest )- A Step Ahead (Lion Music)
2009 – The Forbidden City (Lion Music)
2008 – Alberto Rigoni – Something Different (Lion Music)
2007 – TwinSpirits – The Music That Will Heal the World (Lion Music)

More information at:

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