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New Bodies (2014)Akissforjersey is an American Post-Hardcore band from Pilot Mountain, NC. Formed in 2004. They released their debut album “Keep Your Head Above The Water” in 2006 on Tragic Hero Records. “Victims” followed two years later. Now they are signed to In Vogue Records. This new album was released after almost two years of silence in Januari 2014 so it is about time to take a look at it.

To be honest, I don’t know the first two albums so I can’t compare this album to the others but I will definitely give them a listen someday…..

It begins with “War”, a song where the beginning sounds a bit like Norma Jean if you ask me. But only for a short while because then the clean vocals and more hardcore sound kicks in, but also with mellow moments.

What also strikes me is the production of this album, not a blurry sound at all as we sometimes have in this genre, the instruments are well defined and the vocals are just top-notch. Not new but excellent performed.

The track “DeathEater” is one heavy breakdown filled yourney with, in the cleans, a more hair metal melody line. Followed by the title track “New Bodies” which starts making you want/waiting for more to come. They don’t let you wait for too long. A very melodic but also aggressive song. A nice combination of styles between metal, rock and hardcore and of course a catchy chorus.

“Widow/Maker” is a sensitive ballad of which I am not sure that it is to everyone’s liking. I like this kind of interludes at an album but you have to decide for yourself. Also the song “Dear Wayward” contains a lot of clean vocals interspersed with screaming and melodic guitar lines. The same goes for the song “Bones”. Breathe life into these bones, speak love into my soul…. A melody that is hard to get out of your head.

A short instrumental track “Fell Short, Walk Tall”, then quickly followed by “Blind And Bound” just a straight forward post-hardcore song, well performed but also nothing special.

Last song is “Everything New”, again a ballad which shows the vocal ability of this band. This song could easily be played at some national radio stations. I love the sound of the bassguitar at this song. (As a bass player myself I always tend to listen to this.)

All in all an album that brings you nothing new but is very listenable and that, I believe, is the strength of this record. Fans of Wolves At The Gate should definitely check them out.

Rating: 8/10

Written by: René Woning

1. War
2. Revival
3. The Sound of Revolution (feat. Kevin Bryant)
4. DeathEater
5. New Bodies
6. Widow/Maker
7. Dear Wayward, (There is Hope Yet)
8. Bones
9. Fell Short, Walk Tall
10. Blind and Bound
11. Everything New (feat. Sid Menon)

Band members:
Vocals: Zach Dawson
Guitar/Vox: Tyler Lucas
Guitar: Bob Gassett
Bass: Parker Williams
Drums: Joey Allen

“Keep Your Head Above The Water” (2006)
“Victims” (2008)
“New Bodies” (2014)

Record label: InVogue records, Januari 2014

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below: “War”

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