German Metal Band Adorned Graves Have Finished Recording Their New Album


As previously reported, German Thrash Metal band Adorned Graves will release their second full length album “Being towards a River” in late summer 2020. The cover visualizes the lyrical contend: The journey of a man’s life as a river. The music is corresponding with that theme. You will hear a lot of variety as you can see at the tracklist below – The band recently reported the following:

“Being Towards A River” is finished! We listened to the complete album for the first time and enjoyed the special evening. Now the music is on the way to the factory where it is going to be pressed. The CD will be available soon, we will let you know where and when you’ll get it..

Last June the band said: First we planned an in your face Speed and Thrash EP in addition and as an contrast to the debut “Out From The Depth Of The Grave”. The Graves considered this addition to be more fluent than the complex debut. But during the creative writing process it developed into something more. It was the moment when the idea of the river as a symbol for life and time came to mind..

Now we have a whole new Album called “Being Towards A River”! The recordings are close to be finished and the 2nd Adorned Graves CD should be available soon. The first songs of the release will be Old School Thrash, but in addition to that our music will contain more traditional 80’s Metal this time – it just flowed into this direction. It doesn’t mean that our variety is gone or that we won’t continue with Thrash or raw Heavy Metal in the future. Be curious and stay tuned for some fresh old school Metal to be played on ten.

1 – Swallet Hole 3:37 min (Melodic and Doomy Intro)
2 – Killing Shadows black 3:33 min (Thrash, Adorned Graves Style)
3 – Effervescent Torrent 9:11 (Epic Thrash like early Tourniquet) Guest Vocals Dale Thompson
4 – Panta Rhei 3:46 (Old School Power and Speed Metal) Guest Vocals Dale Thompson (stream)
5 – United Reliance 3:22 (Riff Metal like for example Anthrax) Guest Vocals Herbie Langhans (stream)
6 – Meandering Stream (Instrumental in the vein of early Metallica or Thresher)
7 – Rheingold 11:49 (Epic Metal a la Warlord, Maiden or early Bride with a Doomy Melodic 70ies Outro) Guest Vocals Dale Thompson and Ruth Börner Staub
8 – Towards A River 7:25 (70ies Hard Rock a la Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep, Sabbath, early Scorpions) Guest Vocals Ruth Börner Staub and Herbie Langhans

This release means NOT that the Graves will stop playing Thrash, it is a special project with some more varity in songwriting, containing some of our favorite singers.

Adorned Graves are: Cailen (rhytmguitar, vocals), Deafon (drums, vocals), Wormser (leadguitar), Dewwel (Bass)

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