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grrr-records-2016_35eGRRR Records has checked in with the following announcement

Dear Friends, This year, we just want to say Thank You, and give you the opportunity to enjoy ALL of our downloadable music for FREE! Over the next two weeks, we will discount all of our artists’ MP3s 100% for a period of a few days each.

THIS WEEK (Dec. 18-20): Glenn Kaiser Band, Anti-World System

Blessed Holidays!

Using a driving D-beat raw punk sound, Anti-World System exists to challenge worldly Christians and proclaim Jesus Christ as the only hope for a dying and decaying world. Following the ministry example of Christian rock pioneers like Resurrection Band, Crashdog, and Headnoise, they deliver hard-hitting truth in a scene that desperately needs the good news of the Gospel. Composed of members from a Christian community in Chicago, and led by former Crashdog and Headnoise rhythm guitarist Mike Perlmutter, count on Anti-World System to make waves in the underground Christian music scene.

Download: Anti-World System


The Glenn Kaiser Band (GKB) is a veteran trio from Chicago that combines classic rock and blues styles. Glenn Kaiser, formerly of Resurrection Band (Rez), is featured in this rockin’ band with his powerful vocals and soulful, gritty electric and slide guitar. Roy Montroy, also of Rez, sets the groove on bass guitar and Ed Bialach on drums drives the rhythm with precision and style. These three musicians have jammed together for years and it shows in their tight, energetic performances.

Download: Glenn Kaiser Band


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