Sep 172020

As we start preparing for the new release entitled “Rise of the Phoenix” we are excited to world premier the debut single and lyric video. now for a few words from Chaz Bond lead singer for BioGenesis.

Hello Bio faithful! It has been a crazy year of major changes for us since the release of the Black Widow EP. I am excited to finally unleash the first single from our upcoming album “Rise Of The Phoenix”. This will be a concept album based on the true events surrounding Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple. However it is not simply a saga of thought reform and tragedy but rather, it is an important story about how one character overcomes and ultimately rises above all that he suffered through. With his faith as his rod and staff he was able to not only survive, but to march forward living a great life while warning others of the dangers of Cult leaders like Jones.

The song you will hear today is from the 3rd chapter. It is called ‘Within These Walls’. Please note that the moments when Jones speaks ,these are not his actual quotes but rather my artistic interpretations of his known actions.

The other character you will see is Grayson Vance. This is the fictional name for my character who is loosely based on a real survivor. At this point in the story, Grayson and his wife had been following father Jones for many years. Now in Jonestown in Guyana, Grayson begins to notice a darker side of Jones and begins to have doubts about him. Meanwhile, Graysons wife continues to be a steadfast believer.

Real life survivors have told horror stories about Jones punishing and humiliating members who have expressed doubt in him and or his teachings. Many were afraid to speak out as there were members who would immediately alert Jones anytime someone appeared to be..going astray. Our character Grayson is begining to open his eyes to the truth. Thanks and God bless you all!

Chaz Bond

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