Oct 192022

Ukrainian metal fans who fled to the Netherlands because of the war can visit the Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn for free this year. The organization is making 10 free tickets available to support them.

The Brainstorm Festival is an annual cultural rock and metal festival in Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn. The organization tries to be socially relevant every year and this year chooses to surprise Ukrainian refugees who love heavy metal.

“We can’t imagine what it must be like to have to flee your country because of a crazy war. When we as a festival can do something beautiful for these people with a small gesture, we will not fail to do so”, according to the organization of the Brainstorm Festival.

The condition is that the Ukrainians are metal fans. “If not, they will run away from our festival screaming.” An ID is required at the entrance, and Ukrainian metal fans who want to win free tickets should express their interest in advance by e-mail (brainstormfestival@gmail.com).

The festival will be held on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November. The program includes bands such as Firewind, Swallow The Sun, Scar Symmetry and Sleeping Romance. In addition to performances by metal bands, there are acoustic performances in the accompanying theater hall. Visitors can also participate in a beer tasting, view an exhibition and expand their CD collection in the small metal market.

More information about the festival: www.brainstormfestival.com

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