Apr 142023

Georgia-based melodic metal band Theocracy recently checked in with the following update:

After a long wait, we are excited to finally break the silence with some exciting Theocracy news! Not only is the new album mastered and ready to roll, but we’ve signed with a new label for its release. We appreciate your patience, as we understand that it’s been a quiet couple of years from our end. The calm before the storm. While the album has been done for a while, it took time to weigh our options and decide which would be the best path for us going forward, as you might imagine. We were fortunate enough to have several good choices in the form of offers from multiple labels, and we’re all very excited about our ultimate decision. More info to come in the following weeks. At the same time, as many of you know, we have also been working behind the scenes to right the wrongs and restore the trust violated by the actions of a former band member. To those of you who have handled this wait with grace and understanding, we thank you sincerely.

In closing, we want to thank Ulterium Records for a wonderful partnership. Not only was it a great working relationship for the last three albums, but we forged friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. A while back, Emil from Ulterium informed us that he needed to scale down his workload for the sake of his health and his family, so he was stepping away from bigger new releases. He said he wanted Theocracy to work with a label that is able to invest 100% of their time and energy into the band, and he was invaluable in helping us secure a deal with a label that we believe will do just that. So we extend a huge thank you to Ulterium, and to Emil in particular; he was vital in helping us maintain the level of quality we demanded across all of our releases, and together we released a catalog of work that we can all be proud of forever. Onward and upward!

More updates coming soon. God bless you all.


Theocracy‘s highly anticipated new album “Ghost Ship” has been released on October 28th 2016 in Europe and North America through Ulterium Records & in Japan on Nov. 9th. “Ghost Ship” debuted at #17 on the Billboard Hard Rock charts in the U.S. The album is available on CD, 2LP and digital. The 2LP edition is strictly limited to 1001 copies worldwide. 750 copies with black vinyl discs and 251 copies with white vinyl discs.

Our review of “Ghost Ship” can be found here.

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