Promise Land – “Harmony In Ruins”

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Aug 132014

Promised Land - HarmonyInRuinsOrchestral or Symphonic Rock has grown quite a bit in popularity over the last few years with many bands trying their hands at it. Two of my all times favorites is Epica, and HB. Two bands that mix a high level of musical ability with gritty production appeal. I actually a huge fan of symphonic music, and admire bands in this genre, as often the compositions are complex and intricate, and IA love a good composition.

I will start off by sticking my head in it; that Promised Land has that over-produced feel, and it’s by no imagination of my mind, in that the lyrical content can be a little Christian cheesy at times. That said, the musical accomplishments are actually quite good, and there is a high level of skill.

I could be wrong indeed, and I stand to be corrected. I am a big boy when it comes to this, but I have spent enough time mixing and in studio over the last few years to realize that the more you tweak your sound in house during the production process, which is from the moment you press record, is that you want to maintain the energy of the band. The term over production for me only officially has its place when through the production process due to tweaking, when the processes get fine tuned to death to such a point the energy of the band is almost extinguished. It’s in this part that no matter how good the arrangements or the musical skill that you can find what in all forgiving terms is a great album, lacking that quality that in fact would organically capture the band as they are, and not what a studio production has made them to be. Continue reading »

Jul 302014

Promised Land logoPromise Land has released an sampler for the upcoming, long awaited album.“Harmony In Ruins” which will be released on August 5th. via XNILO Records. The sampler can be streamed in the soundcloud-player  below.

According to the XNilo Website: High Quality, Professional, and Spiritually Thought-Provoking is the journey a listener will experience from “Harmony In Ruins”. Promise Land: “Harmony In Ruins” is a mix of cinematic-orchestral melodies multi-layered in with heavy guitar grooves that are accompanied by both melodic and edgy vocals that immediately captures the listener’s attention. This highly anticipated album release has been 3 years in the making and has proven to be Promise Land’s best work to date.

Artwork description: The artwork tells the story of the title and lyrical theme of the album: “Harmony In Ruins”. Continue reading »

Oct 032013

Promised Land logoPromise Land has released an teaser-video for the upcoming, long awaited album. In this teaser they reveal the title for the new album “Harmony In Ruins”. The teaser can be seen below.

According to the XNilo Website, this is “… the first teaser-video of more to come as we draw closer to the release.” There has been no official release date announced yet, but the band has assured fans that the release is, “on the horizon”.

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Jan 072013

youngside rec. logoAs YoungSide Records turns out the lights on New Year’s Eve, it is with a sigh of relief knowing that the partnership begun with Bullroser Records four years ago will continue.

Bullroser Records (Finland) recently signed a distribution agreement with Pennsylvania-based Indie Label/Distributor XNilo Records/ChristianRockShop – effective January 1, 2013.

“I’m thrilled with this partnership” enthused Arlene Marais (President, YoungSide Records) “as I feel I can now retire with peace knowing that Bullroser Records’ roster of artists will continue to be available to fans in the US.” Continue reading »