Apr 262023

Supergroup World Gone Cold featuring members of POD, Demon Hunter, Disciple, Attack,Attack! and the Letter Black debut an ep filled with hard rock verging on mid-2000s era metalcore.

Supergroups tend to vary on level of success, either being phenomenal or coming across as sounding like everyone was just going through the motions and usually the members are all from bands fairly similar in sound.  World Gone Cold does not quite fit that mold with members coming from various backgrounds ranging from the hard rock of POD (Traa Daniels), The Letter Black (Mark Anthony), and Disciple (Andrew Stanton) to the metalcore of Demon Hunter (Tim “Yogi” Watts) and Inhale/Exhale and Attack Attack! (Ryland Raus).  Given the collection of musicians, I was wondering how this was going to turn out and there is a surprising blend of all the influences here.

“Left to Save” opens up the ep with some electronic elements and drums that build into a pounding riff and some strained, clean vocals that have some metalcore screaming counterpoint.  Add in the metalcore-like clean chorus and ultra-clean production, guitars somewhat muddled in the mix, and one can’t help but be transported back to the metalcore of the mid-2000s.  “Opposites Attract” continues the theme of starting out with the electronic elements in the intro, but then stays more firmly in the hard rock territory than the metalcore in the first track.  Vocals are strong and the arrangement with the keyboard/electronic elements taking over from time to time does make for a somewhat catchy song.

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Feb 182023

World Gone Cold, featuring members of P.O.D, Demon Hunter, Disciple, The Letter Black, and Attack Attack!, release their heavy, hook-laden track ‘Apology’

According to vocalist Ryland Raus, the track boasts powerful riffs, inventive bass runs, masterful drum parts, blistering solos, and dynamic vocals while telling the story of an ever-evolving unhealthy relationship. The band proudly showcases this modern rock track as a pinnacle accomplishment on their upcoming self-titled EP, which is set to release on March 17 via Rockfest Records.

‘Apology’ was one of the first things we wrote. It is a free fall of emotion and true grit. I feel like this song showcases the group’s individual talents very clearly.” – Ryland Raus

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Feb 032023

World Gone Cold have introduced themselves to the world with their debut track ‘Opposites Attract’. The fledgling supergroup are comprised of members of P.O.D., Demon Hunter, Disciple, The Letter Black and more, and will be releasing their self-titled debut EP on March 17th via Rockfest Records.The band’s lineup includes

Raus commented of this new single:

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Nov 042022

This week, Rockfest Records announced the new band World Gone Cold. This is a supergroup band comprised of members from rock bands Disciple (Andrew Stanton), The Letter Black (Mark Anthony), nu-metal band P.O.D. (Traa Daniels), metal bands Demon Hunter (Yogi Watts), and lastly, Inhale Exhale (Ryland Raus).

They launched a teaser trailer (below) with the announcement that said, “You’ve listened to our music for years, but you’ve never heard us together.” 

World Gone Cold deliver massive hard rock anthems, powerful enough to move icy mountains, thawing the avalanche of frustration and alienation, keeping many of us frozen in place. A huge wall of guitars, fluid bass rumble, monstrous drums, and soaring vocals coalesce into an explosive mixture of heavy groove and melodic hooks, shaking the earth with unbridled abandon.

A combination of organic metal might and rock radio-ready songwriting comprise the foundation of a band that began as one man’s solo outlet and quickly transformed into an unprecedented supergroup. This new band arrives armed with songs akin to the timeless catchiness of Rob Zombie or Nine Inch Nails, with the postmodern urgency of Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, and I Prevail.

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