Wind Rose – “Warfront”

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Jul 082022

Just in time for the summer festival season in Europe, Wind Rose are back with all the bravado, metal bombast, and epic tales that we’ve come to expect over the last few years. “Dwarven metal” with its rousing choruses, epic feel, and folk metal touches is here to stay and Warfront is sure to further broaden their audience and satisfy their existing base.

Sometimes a band comes along that instantly grabs your attention and Wind Rose was one of those bands for me when I first received Stonehymn to review in 2017. Glancing at the album artwork and some of the song titles and seeing the band was from Italy, I was fully expecting something akin to European power metal, which is one of my favorite genres. I was genuinely surprised by their “Dwarven metal” with its epic choruses, singalong sections, simple, recognizable melodies, and sense of fun. While the band has been around for now since 2009, the Italian natives, have really come into their own with the release of Stonehymn in 2017 and the brilliant move of releasing a video for their cover of the Minecraft-inspired song “Diggy Diggy Hole”, which last I checked had over 30 million plays on YouTube…crazy large numbers for any act, let alone for some Italians signing metal songs of fantasy and looking like Vikings. To show that the success of “Diggy Diggy Hole” was no fluke, their second video off Wintersaga for “Drunken Dwarves is well over 5 million plays as of this review. The band itself has certainly worked its way up to this point, releasing eps and albums since 2010 and touring Europe with the likes of Wintersun, Epica, Ensiferum, and Eluveitie and has become a regular on the large festival scene.

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Jun 082022

This Friday (June 10), dwarven power metal unit, Wind Rose, are set to release their new album “Warfront” via Napalm Records. Today, the band releases a lyric video for the song, ‘Fellows Of The Hammer’. Watch the video below:

The five-piece from Pisa, Italy – which saw a massive breakthrough with their explosively viral reimagination of Minecraft-themed anthem ‘Diggy Diggy Hole’ (clocking in at over 30 million views on YouTube to date) – resurge with ten heroic songs to prepare for battle. Monumental opener ‘Of War And Sorrow’ makes way for gut-punching ‘Army Of Stone’, immediately getting your blood pumping when the power and folk metal infused hook kicks in – a feat Wind Rose deftly displays across Warfront. No matter how vast the storm, how frostbitten the winter cold, Wind Rose’s sense for sensational hooks and catchy riffs, topped by Francesco Cavalieri’s distinct voice, careens them to the forefront of their dark and sinister contemporaries without forfeiting their unique heaviness and grit.

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Apr 222022

After releasing their epic 2019 album of powerful tales and even more powerful riffs, Wintersaga, power metal’s mightiest dwarves, Wind Rose , return from the forge – hammering more anthems against the anvil on their new album Warfront, out June 10 via Napalm Records.

The dwarven power metal army marches onward with their new single ‘Together We Rise’ complete with solid, stomping riffs and heroic chants. Inspired by brotherhood and dwarven armies in combat, ‘Together We Rise’ truly stands out musically on the new album “Warfront.”

“’Together We Rise’ is a new, heavy piece of metal forged and smithed to the anvil; it comes from deep underground. It’s the sound of a thousand blacksmiths creating weapons for the biggest dwarven army of the century,” says Wind Rose.

Watch the music video for ‘Together We Rise’ below.

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Mar 092022

After releasing their epic 2019 album of powerful tales and even more powerful riffs, Wintersaga, power metal’s mightiest dwarves, Wind Rose, return from the forge – hammering more anthems against the anvil on their new album Warfront, out June 10 via Napalm Records.

The dwarven power metal army sharpens their axes on the victorious ‘Gates Of Ekrund’, the official first single from Warfront, delivering a first taste of what fans can expect from the new album. With well over 30 million streams on Spotify alone and another 30 million on YouTube for their last album Wintersaga, Warfront is one of the most anticipated power metal albums of the year.

Wind Rose on “Gates Of Ekrund”: “Dwarves of Ekrund. Finally the time has come, we are back on the battlefield. With pride and honor, we are glad to reveal to the world the first single of our upcoming album Warfront, inspired by the imaginary of Warhammer: Gates of Ekrund. The enemy has arrived, pick up your axe and fight with us… There’s no turning back anymore.”

Watch the music video for ‘Gates of Ekrund’ below.

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Nov 302020

Wind Rose released their fourth studio album, “Wintersaga,” on Sept. 27th. via Napalm Records. On “Wintersaga” the dwarves take the listener on a highly entertaining and unforgettable 50 minutes lasting ride over mountains, snow and ice.

Check out the video below where in Claudio Falconcini from Wind Rose playing ‘We Were Warriors’ with tabs on screen TUNING: ADGCEA (Standard A).

Wind Rose on ‘Wintersaga’:

“We dug holes, we drank mead, we danced together and we got drunk… Now let’s get to serious business! Let us present you the title track Wintersaga, which is surely one of the highlights of this album:

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