War Of Ages Drummer Kaleb Luebchow Has Died

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Aug 022022

War Of Ages drummer Kaleb Luebchow has sadly passed away on July 27. Luebchow drummed for War Of Ages between 2017 and present day, and we wish his family and friends all the best at this time. The following statement regarding Luebchow‘s death was posted on Kaleb‘s Facebook page.

“Dear family, friends, fellow musicians, and fans this is the hardest post a family can make. It is with deep sadness that we let you know our oldest son and brother, Kaleb Luebchow, passed away on Wednesday, July 27th, at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. We miss him so much.

Kaleb was living out his life-long passion of playing drums and making music with his friends. Kaleb had recently returned from a tour in France with Admiral Phunk Brass Band where he had an incredible time and he was looking forward to going on the road again soon with his good friends and bandmates in War Of Ages. In addition to playing with these two bands, he regularly played with many other musicians in Nashville and the surrounding area, as well as in Illinois.

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War of Ages – “Rhema” (ep)

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Jan 102022

Hailing from Pennsylvania, US Christian Metalcore veterans War of Ages released E.P. Rhema with Facedown records on the 29th Of October 2021. What started off as a Hardcore/Melodic Death metal outfit as “Zero Point” back in 2002, became to be known as “War of Ages” with genres eventually shifting to a more metalcore sound in the latter years. The band saw multiple line-up changes and have had released 8 albums and 1 E.P. over the years. The band is known for their strong Christian faith which is expressed in their lyrics, as Leroy Hamp professed to “Make a difference in a world that’s covered in darkness”.

“Sleight Of Hand”, starts off with a groovy riff with reverberating guitar chugs and dissonant soundscape which sounds nothing short of opening of a surreal portal to the song. The song takes no time to delve into heavy rhythms with powerful vocals tainted with aggression. The song remains upbeat and has a melodic chorus which follows a blazing guitar solo seamlessly fitting right into the song. The band introduces enough knee jerk bits to keep you engaged while delivering a tight composition. Kudos!

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Aug 132021

War of Ages have followed up on the ‘No Altars’ single with the brand new, crushing  ‘Sleight Of Hand’ single.  Both of these tracks are from the upcoming “Rhema” EP, out Oct. 29, 2021.  

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PS.  Official pre-orders will be launching soon for “Rhema” including limited edition etched vinyl!  

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Jun 252021

War of Ages have released a brand new single ‘No Altars’ from an upcoming EP title “Rhema” which will be out in Late 2021.

‘No Altars’ is War Of Ages at it’s finest, and is a foreshadowing of the new material on the upcoming EP.

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