Jan 312022

The melodic power metal band Within Silence will reissue their debut album “Gallery of Life” on limited vinyl on March 25th via Ulterium Records. There will be 200 copies on black vinyl and 100 copies on white/black marble vinyl.

WIithin Silence are currently in the final stages of the pre-production of their third album, and the album recordings will start soon.

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Apr 072021

Remixed and remastered versions of the two 7days albums “The Weight of the World” and “Into Forever” will be released on CD and digital on May 28th via Ulterium Records.

The Swedish melodic metal project 7days was founded by guitar player Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater, Harmony, All Things Fallen) and also features Thomas Vikström (Therion, ex. Candlemass) on vocals, Andreas Passmark (Royal Hunt, ex. Narnia, Harmony) on bass and Daniel Flores (The Murder of My Sweet, Mind’s Eye) on drums.

The debut album “The Weight of the World” was originally released in 2006, and the second album “Into Forever” in 2010.

Both new versions features updated artwork by Markus Sigfridsson. “The Weight of the World” features the bonus track ‘Equinox’ originally included on the Japanese version of the album and “Into Forever” features the bonus track ‘Frontier’.

Kaspar Dahlqvist (ShadowQuest, Dionysus) performs keyboard solos on both releases, and guests on “Into Forever” also includes Christian Liljegren (Narnia, DivineFire, Audiovision), Erik Tordsson (All Things Fallen, End of September) and Caroline Sigfridsson.

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Jan 142021

Millenial Reign are back with an ep to introduce yet another significant change to the band’s overall sound due to personnel changes. Interestingly, the band is introducing their new and female vocalist through this ep of songs from their Carry the Fire album.

Well, this is a first for me and presents an unusual challenge. I originally reviewed Carry the Fire back in 2015 and commented how it was an impressive album from a sonic standpoint and especially considering this is essentially the first album for a band that underwent a nearly complete lineup change. Little did I know that something like this would happen and end up so complicated. I also reviewed the band’s last release in 2018, The Great Divide, noting at that point, the band was essentially a completely new band (again). Now for the Carry the Fire Again ep, the band has gone back to remix/remaster four songs off Carry the Fire (2015) and insert new vocalist Tiffany Galchutt’s vocals. So, yet another major lineup change, but the introductory ep has an old band lineup for the music but the new vocalist. Confused yet? For those keeping track the band is working on new material for 2021 and has the same lineup with the exception of vocals, which is a good thing as the musicians Dave Harvey assembles are more than capable to deliver some great power metal.

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Diviner – “Realms of Time”

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Jun 042019

As impressive as the debut album from Diviner was, the Realms of Time not only exceeds that on every level but also exceeds the high expectations built from that album.  Fast, heavy riffs, blazing solos, strong, majestic vocals, a pounding rhythm section, and great songwriting make this one of the year’s best albums.

Back in 2011, friends Yiannais Papanikolaou and Thimios Krikos, who had been in Inner Wish back in 1998, got together to start making music and Diviner was born. Late in 2015, the band released their debut Fallen Empires after adding friends and local metal musicians George Maroulees , Herc Booze, and Fragiskos Samoilis.  Fallen Empires was one of those albums that immediately impressed listeners, especially coming from a largely unknown group.  Unfortunately, it took until 2019 to get the follow up album, but after a first listen it became apparent it was well worth the wait.  Right before recording for Realms of Time was to begin, founding guitarist Thimios Krikos decided to leave the band due to commitment issues and Kostas Fitos was brought in.  The album was produced and mixed by Fotis Bernardo (ex-Septic Flesh) and mastered by Henrik Udd (Powerwolf, Hammerfall, Myrath) with artwork by Jan Yrlund (Battle Beast, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani) completing the package.

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